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(SNES) Tecmo Super Bowl 1999


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Tecmo Super Bowl 1999

28 team ROM Jacksonville (CIN spot) Titans (CLE spot) and Carolina (NO spot). 


• 1997, 1998 and 1999 schedules 


•  2 versions available:

1. TSB 99 - original game play no hacks 

2. TSB 99FJ - late season coverage hack along with week 16 full juice command starting week 1


• all new graphics for Tennessee Titans 


• adjusted formations, offensive tendencies, individual and team sim data, depth charts and player attributes to better represent the actual 1999 season 


• Manning and Co. are off to the races! With newly acquired Edgerrin James and a receiving group that has elevated their game, this offense is a nightmare. 

• Baltimore begins it's quest for a decade of dominant defense! Ray Lewis leads a front 7 with rookie sensation Peter Boulware, who put their name in the hat as one of the greatest defense in the history of the NFL. 

• The Greatest Show on Turf takes the league by storm! Warner's accuracy, Faulk's top notch running and receiving skills and 3 excellent route running WRs with great hands (Bruce, Holt and Proehl) makes them a formidable opponent. NFL sack leader Kevin Carter and interception leader Todd Lyght lead a  top ranked defense. 

• Air McNair and Eddie George now have a bruising defense, led by edge rusher Jevon Kearse, to match their offensive attack. Samari Rolle and Blaine Bishop seem to always be around the ball making big plays. 


• Programs used:

HxD, TSBToolSupreme, Tile Layer Pro, Retron5IPSCreator, STUE and War6's TSB SNES Hex Guide 


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