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(SNES) Tecmo Super Bowl 1990-91


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Tecmo Super Bowl 1990-91

Actual 1990-91 season with the original TSB NES rosters. 


• All original play books, team and individual sim data, offensive tendencies, formations and player attributes from the NES release. 


• Roster additions due to DB1/2 and using DBs as return men. 


• 100% accurate 1988, 1989 and 1990 schedules. 


• 2 versions available:

1. TSB 1990 - original game play, no hacks 

2. TSB 1990 FJ - contains late season coverage hack and week 16 full juice command starting week 1


Programs used: HxD, TSBToolSupreme, Tile Layer Pro, Retron5IPSCreator, STUE and War6's TSB Hex Guide 


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Nice work! I added some graphical hacks to make it feel more retro:


1. Added @War6's NES players with shadows

2. Added a NES style field (hat tip to @War6)

3. Added the NES style playbook from @COA Elway's hack here: 


TSB 1990 - NES Graphics.smc


895545016_TSB1990-Copy000.png.c27c20251b90686fd0a936522d30e5da.png 63214031_TSB1990-Copy001.png.ad4f520bd77c08d09df92cd36af6822e.png  1519780080_TSB1990-Copy003.png.a6e5339172f166d81c6aa263bbc9793e.png 1635377146_TSB1990-Copy004.png.8e2c8974d1c68d43676569f3b058f902.png


Now to figure out how to edit the team uniforms used in matchups......

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I know this is a bit of a nitpick and l have a feeling this was intentional, but is it possible to just have QB Bills, QB Eagles, etc. go by their actual names?? I know that’s how it was in the NES version but I feel like that’s something that could have been fixed.

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