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Project - Tecmo Super Bowl 100

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Hi Everyone,

A few years ago, I came up with an idea for a Tecmo Super Bowl project based on statistics.  I loved simulating seasons when I was a kid, especially recording stats from teams and players.  For my project, I wanted to recapture that nostalgia, so I set out to record stats from 100 simulated seasons of Tecmo Super Bowl.


Fast forward 45,900 games and HOURS of manual work - my project is now finished.  


I plan on releasing stats on a regular basis through Instagram (@TecmoSuperBowl), but figured the TSB community would appreciate this the most.  I'll post updates through this thread regularly as well.


For a more formal writeup on my project, see below.  I'm very excited to share this with all of you.  Thank you.




Project: Tecmo Super Bowl 100


Like most of you, it all started Christmas of 1991.  Tecmo Super Bowl was my first football video game.  The intro music, the teams, the players, the animations, the stats – it was all there.  Fast forward 30+ years later, I still feel like a kid, playing one of the best football games that still stands the test of time.


Although it was a blast to play, one of my favorite activities as a kid was simulating seasons.  I liked watching the individual games flashing across the screen, occasionally stopping mid-season to check stats and standings.  My favorite moments were Tecmo cutting in late season to announce division champions, and then patiently waiting for the final game to be completed so I could enjoy the iconic “1991 Standings” presentation to see who made the playoffs.  After a thorough analysis of individual and team stats, I would write down my predictions for playoff winners and a Super Bowl champion.  Once the coach was raised on the player’s shoulders and the credits stopped rolling, it was time to reset the schedule and do it all over again.


A few years ago, I had an idea for a Tecmo Super Bowl project based on statistics.  I have always wondered, who was the best team statistically?  How many yards can a running back or receiver collect in a season?  Could teams score over 500 points in 16 games?


Well, fast forward 100 simulated seasons, 45,900 games, and many hours of manual tabulations; I finally have my answers from my project – Tecmo Super Bowl 100.


Over the next few months, I will be releasing my findings from Super Bowl winners to individual leaders to the best teams in the game.


I hope you enjoy the results as much as I enjoyed completing my project.



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I did this a few years ago back on an emulator to make it much faster but only tracked team win%  But you can use the team's simulation ratings to empirically figure out the best teams. I didn't track the players but this again is just a combination of the known player ratings/schedule/ and playbooks used.





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