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(NES) Tecmo Super Bowl - Random Year's League - Vol. 1


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Tecmo Super Bowl - Random Year's League - Vol. 1

This is a roster edit of the 28 team Tecmo Super Bowl ROM for the NES. I used an online dice roller to select what year each team ended up with. No hacks have been applied to this ROM, it is vanilla as vanilla can be in those regards. Below are the year's the teams rolled. I simmed one season and the 1966 Bears won the Super Bowl, never underestimate Gayle Sayers!!! Enjoy!


1999 Bills          

2020 Colts   

1979 Dolphins

2001 Patriots

2021 Jets

1984 Redskins

1992 Giants

1967 Eagles

1976 Cardinals

2008 Cowboys

1983 Bengals

1979 Browns

2003 Titans

1988 Steelers

1966 Bears

2013 Lions

1975 Packers

2007 Vikings

2019 Buccaneers

1974 Broncos

1968 Chiefs

1988 Raiders

1973 Chargers

1998 Seahawks

2014 49ers

1992 Rams

2014 Saints

2014 Falcons



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