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This ROM is a 28 team based ROM and does not include the following teams:

Detroit, Atlanta, Houston and Jacksonville

Midseason data update includes:

• new trades, signings as of 11/21/22

• new playbooks to match style of offense you see on Sundays

• player and team defense sim data adjusted to correctly represent the 2022-23 midseason results


New graphics!!

• War6's fresh and up to date sprites are a complete 100% match of the players shown in the cut scenes! Edited multiple times for smoother motions while running, throwing vertically/backwards, signal calling and tackling. 

• Uniforms edited to the exact match of this year's teams.

• 16 newly reworked end zones to match the exact font and color of the 28 teams

• 12 newly reworked team logos

• "annoying static" background during team intros eliminated for black background that makes the logos pop!

• TD "flash" eliminated for a solid team logo during touchdown celebrations.

• all new mini helmets, matching the exact specifications of the NFL and NFLPA

• War6's new 2-tone turf allows for better interaction with the updated sprites

• all new weather end zone intro screens to match on field colors

• all 28 teams touchdown dive/or safety end zone cut scenes to match on field colors



War6 - you know what you did


Programs used: 

HxD, Tile Layer Pro, TSBToolSupreme, Retron5IPSCreatorv2, War6's TSB SNES Hex Guide, STUE (thank you JG GAMES)




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