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24/7 Automated Super Tecmo Bowl Stream with Fantasy Betting+Prizes LIVE

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I think some of you may be interested in this.

I have created a 24/7 automated stream that has Tecmo Bowl seasons. I am using roms from tecmobowl.org that range from the years 1976 to 2023. You basically create bets for the next season on something called a "team card" which is similar to draftkings or fan duel. You assign 1 team as "head coach" and pick 5 others while using up your salary. You gain fantasy points from wins and points scored during the game. As results come in from seasons, the cost of a team will increase or decreased based upon its performance the previous season.

Stream location is at https://tecmoallstars.com or https://www.twitch.tv/tecmoallstars

Further Technical Details :

The stream currently loops through commercials(in-game), season statistics and eventually plays a game with appropriate pauses and background music(we use tracks from ocremix.com ). This is something I've been working on for the better part of 2 years. Functionality for betting is all done through the website at https://tecmoallstars.com - No money is actually used for betting or winnings BUT I am giving 1 pack of 1990s NFL trading cards to a ladder winner if anyone can achieve this during a season. It is presently in "beta" mode as I am watching it like a hawk since its finally LIVE on Twitch but bets for NEXT season will be in effect(1994 at the time of this posting).

So basically, if you want a chill stream that has Tecmo NFL seasons played through with retro music/commercials and you can even bet on - let me know what you think and furthermore - Enjoy!

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