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TFO 2022 RAViOLi Bowl Tournament LIVE ON TWITCH 10/23 @ 12pm EDT


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Hello Tecmo Enthusiasts! For those who may not know me, I'm TheRaj and I am the commish of the premier annual Tecmo Fantasy Owner's league... the TFO! We are celebrating 10 Years of TFO, and ended our official 10th season this past August. Congrats to our current TFO Champion Bobby Lesher and his Tiger Kings!!!


As part of our TFO 10th Anniversary Celebration we are hosting a special single elimination tournament called RAViOLi Bowl! This is a hacked version of Tecmo Super Bowl, but the RAViOLi Bowl host (Charles Boyardee) has decided this season to fill the football field with delicious slippery pasta sauce! This means that every single tackle is a fumble! Things can get crazy... and they will get crazy FAST especially with 3 minute quarters and the owners trying to make the crappiest teams they can!!!


On 10/23/2022 starting at 12pm EDT we will air LIVE ON TWITCH the final games in both the 'Loser Moves On' & 'Winner Moves On' tournaments (Semi-Finals and Finals). And then both tournament champions will face in the RAViOLi CHAMPIONSHIP in a "Loser Takes All" match-up! These will air on Twitch and we would like to invite you all to join us (https://www.twitch.tv/cantstoptheraj)


You can check out TFO and the current running tournament on our TFO Facebook Group, TFO Website, and/or our TFO YouTube Page





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