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The AFC West on this game rules


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So I'm still simming from my aforementioned All-Backups Team trade mode. I decided to let a league play out while I work on some other stuff.


These were the records and PF/PA for the AFC West:


*1) SEA 9-7 264 286

*2) RAI 9-7 272 313

3) DEN 8-8 277 269

4) KC 7-9 291 240

5) SD 7-9 263 245


The two playoff teams had a negative point differential. The three non-playoff teams had a positive point differential. I've NEVER seen that before.


This same season, the Patriots won the AFC East at 9-5-2, and the 49ers finished second in the NFC West at 9-5-2. There were five tie games this season.

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