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TECMO NCAA 2022-23

28 team platform. 8 team rotation in "AFC/NFC CENTRAL" for 4 different versions, along with a special Armed Forces version. 12 game schedule.


5 total versions:

TN- has Tennessee and A&M in the rotation spot

KY- has Kentucky and Arkansas

MS- has TCU and Ole Miss, also the only version that has random teams in divisions. this is so you can have title game matchups like ALA/GEO, OSU/MICH, TEX/OKL etc.

AF- has a special Armed Forces division that replaces Midwest division. Col. St, Army, Navy and Air Force replacing Cin, Ohio St, Notre Dame and Iowa.

KS- has Kansas, Kansas St, Nebraska, Kentucky and Washington replacing Arkansas, Iowa, Wisconsin, North Carolina and Stanford.


2 different styles of gameplay:

0- regular gameplay, no hacks, standard juice progression

1- late season coverage hack (week 9 defense with 3-4 defenders rushing the QB, 7-8 defenders in coverage, starting week 1) standard juice progression


Team and player sim data updated to accurately reflect the 2022-23 season.

Authentic endzones, logos and alternate uniforms available.


Programs used:

HxD, TSBToolSupreme, Tile Layer Pro, Retron5IPSCreator, STUE


All graphics and data done by:



Matt Haydel- support/direction and that Hex Guide

0-NCAA2022KS.smc 1-NCAA2022KS.smc


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