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Sorting Playoff teams by record (28-team Rom)


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Hi Everybody,


I was wondering if anyone knew how to sort playoff teams by record rather than division champion? My experience--or inexperience--led the USFL hack to have three divisions of three teams each. While scheduling keeps the original league's integrity--two divisions--I sometimes find that a club gets a bye because they won the "middle" division despite another team having a better record. I've played around with the code that determines division champs and wild card teams before, but I haven't had any success. 


Anybody know how to get the rom to sort based on best record? 

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Thank you for the explanation, that aligns with my experience playing around with it. I would guess eliminating the third wild card winner--having it recognize only two division champs, sorting the third best team--would be of similar complexity?


That seems to be the issue--i.e., Tampa Bay (sitting in the NFC East) finishes 13-5 and gets a bye, but 12-6 Memphis--narratively the second place Southern Division team--gets the other bye because they "finished" first in the NFC Central--where they're placed--over Baltimore, who "wins" the NFC East with a 9-9 record, when Baltimore "should" get the bye from a narrative standpoint. 


Maybe I'm making a mountain out of a mole hill...



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