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(Tool) General Manager for Tecmo Super Bowl


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General Manager for Tecmo Super Bowl

28 team TSB rom only


Java; Works for Windows, Linux, and Mac

Java install required to run



Most of what you'd expect from a Tecmo Super Bowl editor. This list starts with the more unusual features that gm for tsb offers and then moves on to the standard ones.


  • Drag and drop to move players and teams
  • Ability to save more players and teams than fit in the rom without requiring a special "export" phase
  • Automatic calculation of simulation codes
  • Rearranging players doesn't break Pro Bowl teams or returners
  • All a team's receivers grouped together, even for 3‐WR and 4‐WR formations (and similarly for running backs and tight ends)
  • A 2‐TE pseudo‐formation that allows you to group TE's together while presenting one as a WR in a 3‐WR formation to the game
  • Team player‐data background color
  • Ability to attach notes to any player or team
  • Automatic abbreviation of first names when necessary
  • Team run‐pass ratio
  • Uniform editing, including which uniform to wear against each team
  • Sortable lists of all players at a position
  • Formation and playbook editing
  • Pro Bowl players
  • Return men
  • Team names
  • Player names, numbers, faces, and attributes


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