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TSB 2023 (SNES)


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I just wanted to update everyone regarding the upcoming September release of TSB 2023 for SNES. Ray & I have been continually editing and I wanted to share our progress with a few screenshots. The game looks and plays great thus far and I think we are almost where we need to be in terms of features, new end zone art, and accurate rosters with realistic ratings. In the meantime, you can download our preseason/beta edition in the downloads section.







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We released the beta a month back. It’s in the downloads section; however, the beta does not contain the new artwork. The full version will be ready before week 1 in September. 

Thanks for the compliments—those endzones are hard work!

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On 8/3/2022 at 11:17 AM, AZcards77 said:

Any updates ? Counting down the days . will we see this a little before the season ?

Yes. 23 will be ready prior to the regular season. All of our testing and graphics work is complete…just waiting on the actual rosters to shake out then we will upload the ROMs. We will have two versions available with three variations for a total of six ROMs. Gameplay sprites will be of the enhanced  variety and a classic sprite plus version. Three variations will be normal juice, normal juice + cpu pass defense hack, and full juice with cpu defense hack. About one month to go…



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