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Switching Individual Teams into different divisions

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I was playing around with the idea of swapping teams into different divisions. Like, I considered turning the New Orleans Breakers back into the Boston Breakers. My goal is to group them closer to the Atlantic division clubs; in turn, I'd place the Feds closer as well. Essentially, swapping both clubs places either on the Team Data/Control screens or just the standings.


I can always adjust the schedule to where the Breakers play PIT/NJ/BALT twice and WASH play MEM/JAX/BIR/TB twice, but that could mess up my standings. 


I guess I'm just asking is there a way to "swap" the spots for both clubs in the code? It seems division organization is more built around arrays of teams rather than where each individual team is placed. 

Any help would be great. 


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I was thinking that too--just rename the two teams in TSB--but would swapping the logos mean I'd have to also tweak the colors in the code? I can do that I think with the big helmets, but I always have difficulty with the small helmets. 

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