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Baseball Stars editors and tools


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If you find this let me know. I am starting a Baseball Stars Simulation League and I am doing the ROM editing from the tools that are currently available. Side note, you are welcome to join the league as well.  Just started it up at Baseball Stars Simulation League on Facebook. I run a Tecmo simulation league as well called Tecmo Owners League. You can find both on Facebook groups!

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I saw your video of the edited Dreams and Blacksox.  I noticed the stats were unchanged but I suspect the ratings may have been given the result.  There is an editor for use with the core 8 teams.  Not sure if a functional editor was ultimately created for the sav files (the 6 other teams).  I've been trying to get a hold of a second editor (which allows for quick changes to ratings and stats using a CSV file import/export feature.  As for your league how would a simulation league work or be managed?

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The Facebook group is where games will be posted. But you can also follow along on the YouTube channel at https://youtube.com/channel/UCfnRVwWbjrKzT8e6G6rKZp. Deadline for team submission is 4/14. 


Also, I I'll post my Tecmo simulation league I run as well if anyone is interested in joining. We're about to start our 7th season.





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11 hours ago, manYo said:


What role will prestige and money play in this league, if any?

None. Everything is made through the spreadsheet. Prestige is going to be set at 15 for every player but it really won't matter anyways. I don't believe it effects anything other than how much money you make in 1 player games. But just in case I'm setting it at 15 for every player.

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