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TFO 2022 (Season X) Kicks Off an all 2s Day! (2/22/22)


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Hello Tecmo fans, this is TheRaja here and I am the Commish of the Tecmo Fantasy Owners (TFO). What is TFO? Well we are a 36 team league where each team is made by a person (known as an "Owner") who submits an RPG-like application to have their own TFO Team created! They can create ANYTHING they want; we have teams that represent Comics, TV Shows, Anime, Marijuana, Alcohol, Wrestling, Movies, Sports, Music, Pop Culture, Games, Totally Made Up, and even a team of celebrities that have been merged due to the Time Variance Authority!!! ITS A CRAZY ROSTER OF TEAMS AND PLAYERS!!!! Those team will go through a full 17 week season (16 games & 1 bye) all played by the Computer! Its all CPU vs CPU!!! Games are posted weekly with 20 team playoffs to end the season! Season will go from February 2022 to June 2022 with Playoffs going until August 2022!!

TecmoBowl.Org was really the start for TFO, and without this site I don't know if TFO would have even started (and it definitely wouldn't have lasted as long as it has). So THANK YOU to everyone here at TecmoBowl.Org for everything you do as TFO celebrates 10 years of greatness! YOU ARE AWESOME!!!

So if you want some more Football after the Super Sunday Game... then check out TFO as our season kicks off the week after the Super Sunday Game. AND WE WILL SEE YOU THIS TECMO!!!!!!


WEBSITE: http://tfofootball.weebly.com
YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.com/TFOFootball

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/groups/tfofootball






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TFO 2022 Mid-Season Review (https://youtu.be/sYjN-tOOaDM)

Join TFO Commish TheRaj as he goes over the midway point of TFO Season X!

  • Team Rankings & Standings!!
  • Player All-Stars!!
  • TFO Fantasy Football Rankings
  • Glitch Resolved... who to blame?!
  • Heritage Week Coming NEXT WEEK!!




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TFO 2022 CHAMPIONSHIP BAHAM BOWL (Airing at 11:00pm July 31st 2022)
Audio recorded LIVE July 30th 2022 @ 16 Bit Bar Columbus
Probably rated PG-14 due to language and being drunk

BAD Champion Video Game Vixens (13-3)
MAD Champion Tiger Kings (14-2)


Video Link: https://youtu.be/gv-3B3Pl-5A


TFO celebrated it's 10th Championship this past Saturday LIVE at 16-Bit Bar&Arcade! 10 YEARS! It wouldn't be possible without the great people at TecmoBowl.Org!!! THANK YOU ALL!!!!! And we will be back for another season next February, WE AINT SCARED OF XFL!!!!!

And we will see you next Tecmo!!!


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Both the TFO 2022 BAD & MAD Roms have now been posted to TecmoBowl.org!!!


WHAT A SEASON! And we are already getting ready for Season 11!!! If you are interested in playing, check out our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/groups/tfofootball) as we will be having a contest later this year to fill empty owner spots!


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