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Mini helmets - team data vs team control screens

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I built an all-time team rom a while back and decided to update it based on the 2013 32-team rom file.  As part of this project, I want to include multiple teams from the same franchise.  In this case, I am replacing the Chargers with the 83 Raiders.  I was able to link the appropriate large helmet, and thought that I had the mini helmet done as well.


When I look at the team data screen, everything looks ok.  Then, when I pull up the team control screen, the helmet is completely blacked out.  Has anyone run into this problem before?  Any advice is appreciated.


I am probably going to repeat this process to replace the Texans, Lions, and Cardinals.  I feel like the Cardinals part replacement will be difficult.  

Team control screen.png

Team Data screen.png

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I'm working on a rom where I replacing all mini helmets and I haven't figured it all out yet, but my assumption is your answer lies in the thread posted below.  My understanding in the 32 team rom has tables assigned to screens, two of which are what you are talking about.  So my guess is you need to change around the coding on the team control screen table as cxrom mentions.  Might also be looking at Bucks reply and playing with that method first.  If you figure it out please post, because I'm trying to tackle a similar task soon.




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