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(SNES) Tecmo Super Bowl 22 Nes on Snes Edition

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I know some of you don't care about football,


but i don't care/ this Sporting News has to be shared:


Started a Bengals season - out of excitement for this-year's squad/ today's game - & 3 games in it hasn't disappoint:  1-0 (after defeating Browns)


... In a Game 2 dogfight against Colts, one of our LBs - nameth, Germaine Pratt - scoops (under computer-control) a fumble, & i hustle Germaine in for the short-range return-TD.  Same game, (this time under my direct-control) Germaine intercepts Wentz, & i continue to run Pratt back 46 yards to paydirt...  Cheers.  We go on to win.


Game 3, down 0-14 early to Steelers, due to some defender of theirs nameth Terrell Edmunds returning 2 fumbles for TDs (one on Special Teams, one on D)...  They're about to plug in another TD - and go up 0-20 - when we stuff RB Najee Harris's run at the 1/force a fumble/recover it, & I guide Strong Safety Vonn Bell 99 YARDS to the house.  We comeback to win (& by-the-way, behind back-up QB Brandon Allen's 2-TD/0-INT steady - 76%-completion - arm; since Joe Burrow was injured the game before)

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Manning Bengals against Rams, we were down 16 3rd-Quarter points, 7-23


Cut it to 9 by the start of the 4th. Then down 2, 21-23... To LAR 28 with :10,

McPherson, 45-yarder, splits - in the rain - with 6 ticks left.  Final?  24-23!!!

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