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Question on team divisional alignments for upcoming '22 NCAA update

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I am working on a NCAA update (using @fatcheerleader's former release as a base) since I didn't see one up and am using the CBS Sports top 32 team from their rankings before bowl games were played:


College Football Rankings 2021 - CBS Sports Ranking - CBSSports.com (archive.org)


The game will have a 13-game regular season schedule for all teams. Teams from the AFC side won't play any games vs the NFC side in regular season play. Rosters, playbooks and the sim codes are all updated. I am just working on fine tuning the schedule, team uniform usage in matchups. I edited the rankings on the mini helmets to reflect the team's rankings before the bowl games. 


So far this is the lineup I have cobbled together from the 32 teams:




Some notes:


1. Divisions are setup as (in order from AFC East to NFC West): SEC, ACC, Independents, AAC, Big 10, Big 12, Pac 12 and Misc.

2. #25 Texas A&M was placed in the Big 12 

3. #26 Kentucky & #30 Penn State were added to the Independents

4. #21 UTSA & #28 Coastal Carolina were added to the AAC

5. #27 San Diego State and #29 Utah State were added to the Pac 12

6. The NFC West has a mix of teams to round out the top 32 in the CBS rankings.


The one team messing me up is Penn State. I want to add them to the NFC side, but who would I swap them out with? Or are they ok where they are? I was thinking of swapping them out with Texas A&M so they could have scheduled games against teams from the SEC and Big 10 respectively. But IMO Texas A&M also makes sense in the Big 12 because they used to be in that conference. 


So college football fans, any feedback on the divisional lineups? Let me know.


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