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Sim Data Question--Strong Safeties getting all the sacks and picks


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Hi everybody,


I was experimenting with another USFL hack and I feel like I've gotten the hang of Sim Data, but I have playing around with a new hack I made and it seems like the only guys recording any stats are my safeties--they get all the sacks and safeties.


I've attached the file. Is this sim data issues, or a team sim data issue?




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Yeah it isn't working still after a fifth sim/tweak. Here the league's sack leaders, all safeties.


I have noticed stats come out more interesting when I tweak sim stats on the offense but leave defensive players alone...maybe I will try that and see where it is going. I am not sure what this is happening...


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Thanks for the advice--I went through and cleared out everybody and I cranked up the front seven, though it did even up going the other direction; still Reggie White notching 42 sacks in 18 games isn't totally out of reach.


Probably keep tweaking.  


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You need to make sure the sim values for pass rush and coverage equals 255, here's an example:


    PR: PC:
RE: Chris Canty 18 6
NT: Jay Ratliff 34 7
LE: Marcus Spears 10 6
ROLB: Greg Ellis 52 12
RILB/DT: Zach Thomas 13 17
LILB: Bradie James 16 9
LOLB: Demarcus Ware 92 9
RCB: Terence Newman 3 62
LCB: Anthony Henry 2 54
FS: Ken Hamlin 7 36
SS: Roy Williams 8 37
    255 255
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On 12/6/2021 at 7:52 PM, SBlueman said:

If it doesn't total 255 for each column then the strong safety gets all the extra points given and they end up with crazy stats.

does the total of 255 include the kicker and punter sim numbers or is that seperate?

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