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TSB NES - Adding Longer Team Names (Team Data & Return From Injury Screen issue)


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Hello all you Tecmo Freaks!

I'm trying to increase the size of a team's name in TSB. I know the last name has to be 10 characters max due to alot of screen limits (like the score screen).


But.. the team's first name can go up to 13 characters and doesnt seem to be an issue, unless the team's full name goes over 20 (counting the space between both team names). If this wasnt the case I could use 13 for the first name, a space, and 10 for the last name (24 total).


There are only 2 screens that I have found that mess up when the total team name is over 20: The Team Data screen and the Return from Injury Screen. To me if I can get these 2 screens to accept the longer name I think that solves my issue as all other screens I've tested do no have any issue.


I figured since the name displays properly in other areas it would be as easy as moving some text boxes around on these screens. Like for the Team Data screen I moved the Conference Name so it is below the team name, leaving more space for larger team names:

0x01e973 (Moves Team Name in Team Data screen) [Make 46 for middle]
0x01e977 (Moves Conference Name in Team Data screen) [Make 6C to move under team name]
0x01e97b (Moves Division Name in Team Data screen) [Make 70 to move under team name]



So here is an example how it looks. The teams first name is 14 characters (GREAT BUFFALOS) and the last name is 5 characters (BILLS) for a total of 20 characters. And with how this looks we should be able to easily get 24 characters on that top line.


However even with these moves if the name is over 20 characters the name glitches and doesn't have the name appear in the proper area, as if it is having to shift the name.



So here is an example of me trying to use "GREAT BUFFALOS BUDDYS" as a name, that is 21 characters and it shifts the team name down in a weird way.

Any advise would be awesome. I have to assume its how it holds the name before these screens get the information, or some kind of check that notices the name is over 20 characters. But any advise would be awesome. 

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The above name is a fake example, I just needed something as an example to illustrate the problem. I have several teams in my fantasy Tecmo league that would benefit from the name extension, along with other customer rom creators. The work arounds you suggested are basically what we do currently, but I'll continue to play with the code if I find anything. I'm sure somewhere in the rom it checks the name or text length in some way so I'm sure its possible. Anything I find Ill post here, though I'm prepping for TFO Season X (Kicks off Feb 2022) so might be a summer project instead. 

Check out TFO Season X: https://tfofootball.weebly.com (cheap plug)

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