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This is a rom hack of TSB1 for SNES I created featuring the greatest & most notable players from each franchise's history.

Using the uniform mods from @TecmoTurd1993 rom allowed for greatly enhanced visuals. 

I used over 50 different rom hacks to find the ratings for each of these players ranging from leather helmet era and USFL players to 2021 Pro Bowlers.

Most teams feature a troll player such as Vince Papale as returner for the Eagles & Scott Norwood as kicker for the Bills. 

Some of the sources I used were created by Knobbe, tecmoturd, mrnfl, tecmosuperfan, tombor, baron von lector, fernando 49, and qbvikings.

I will also soon be posting a rom with expansion teams featuring the grapple, coverage hack, and tecmo juice

with upgraded uniforms using a collab rom from tecmoturd and mrnfl.

I decided to make this, bc my dad mentioned how cool it would be to play with Earl Campbell.

His father passed away this past week and would like to find online leagues for tsb1 on snes.

If anyone has any information about how to join one, or if you experience any issues with this hack please message me.



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