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Rosters and Sim Questions

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I got two questions; if anyone knows of an older thread to direct me, that'd be great too.


1) Is there a way, either in sim or when playing the COM, you can get the COM to substitute players? Sometimes in a regular season game it gets a little ugly when the opposing quarterback falls into a bad condition. I remember the COM would swap out players in TECMO NBA Basketball on occasion. 


2) Is there a way to prevent your entire roster from being "reset" when a player returns from injury? There has been a few times where I got some backups in "excellent" condition and a guy is out, but then when I sim the result and the guy returns, the entire roster resets. 


There questions are probably more source code questions. I was just curious. 

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18 hours ago, bruddog said:

#2 would probably be fairly easy to do. 


If you did this for anything besides a man controlled team what you'd have happen is that on computer controlled teams bad players would stay as starters.  This seems like an issue that makes worse the situation that #1 is trying to address. 

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