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error message in tsb tool supreme

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I'm working on a legends snes tsb1 rom hack using the nes on snes enhanced sprites with the player ratings from tecmo super bowl gold for nes and tsbiii all time teams for genesis as well as the official yearly releases from this site.  I received this error message and can't deduce how to fix it.  

Error! line #29:    'TEAM = bills SimData=0xb80, OFFENSIVE_FORMATION = 2RB_2WR_1TE'Index was outside the bounds of the array.
   at TSBTool.TecmoTool.SetTeamSimData(String team, Byte values)
   at TSBTool.InputParser.ProcessLine(String line)
   at TSBTool.InputParser.ProcessLines(String[] lines)

Operation aborted at this point. Data not applied.


i believe this is the line in question
TEAM = bills SimData=0xb80, OFFENSIVE_FORMATION = 2RB_2WR_1TE
PLAYBOOK R1215, P7321 
i just read about how to back up the files and whatnot so wont have this problem in the future but am trying to fix this without restarting bc i have many teams finished complete with accurate faces and the rom worked until last night.

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