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How to layout Team Data, Team Control, and Preseason Select screens with 3 team divisions


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I have been building an 18-team USFL '84 rom the last few weeks--after a bunch of stops and starts, I adapted The Raja's TFO Rom (3 team divisions, 18 teams total) and it seems to be finally working--I retained a 6 team playoff just because I was having headaches trying to get 5 and 6 teams to properly sort (this hasn't been ideal, but at the very least I have managed to keep teams out that I deleted). I managed to maintain some "realism" by using the 18 game original schedule. I've also sprinkled in some What-If players on some of the rosters and I am also playing with some graphic edits.


The TFO rom has been extremely useful, but I do have some questions--or possible guidance--on editing the team data, team control, and preseason select screens. I am still a neophyte to code and my rom diverges from TFO in that I removed a different set of 10 clubs (the AFC and NFC East, the WLAF clubs in Jstout's and Denny's rom, which was the basis of this rom). 


Currently my screens look like below--modifying Oakland on the team control screen, for instance, actually affects Denver, Michigan changes Chicago. I am not sure what club is assigned to each man/skip/coa/com. And because TFO "zeroes" out a different set of NFC clubs--I am dumping 0e-04--I am not sure how this lays out just yet. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


I did have two other side questions: Where can we edit text on the Standings menu? I just had an idea to rename the divisions to at least reflect some of the old USFL's names. I think the '86 season was originally going to have divisions named "Independence" and "Liberty." 

The only other question is--has anyone made a bigger USFL logo for the field or menu? 









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