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(NES) Tombor's Tecmo Theatre: '87, The Age of Vinny and the End of History


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Tombor's Tecmo Theatre: '87, The Age of Vinny and the End of History

Continuing from '86, this '87 rom hack is more robust and establishes a larger project narrative, an alternate history I hope to continue. 


'87 Redraft:*


  1. Colts (2-14) Vinny Testaverde
  2. Oilers (2-14) Cornelius Bennett
  3. Cowboys (3-13) Brian Bosworth
  4. Packers (4-12) Alonzo Highsmith
  5. Eagles (5-11) Jerome Brown
  6. Niners from (Chiefs (5-11) Christian Okoye
  7. Patriots (6-10) Bruce Armstrong
  8. Bucs (6-10) Greg Lloyd
  9. Bills (7-9) Shane Conlan
  10. Raiders (7-9) Hardy Nickerson
  11. Saints (7-9) Shane Knight
  12. Vikings (8-8) Brent Fullwood
  13. Seahawks (8-8) Tyrone Braxton
  14. Lions (8-8) Jerry Ball
  15. Broncos (8-8) Ricky Nattiel
  16. Bears (8-8) Steve Beuerlein
  17. Chiefs (5-11 from Niners (8-7-1) + Joe Cribbs) Harris Barton
  18. Browns (15-1) Rod Woodson
  19. Steelers (10-6) Jason Bosa
  20. Falcons (10-6) Jim Harbaugh
  21. Giants (10-6) Mark Ingram
  22. Bengals (10-6) Danny Noonan
  23. Oilers (from Rams (10-6) dating back to ’85 Jim Everett trade) Haywood Jeffries
  24. Jets (11-5) DJ Dozier
  25. Redskins (11-5) Tony Woods
  26. Dolphins (12-4) Thomas Everett
  27. Cardinals (12-3-1) Tim McDonald
  28. Chargers (10-6) Ed Simmons (from Browns + Chip Banks)




-Based on 1987 full season hack

-Custom edits following progression of NFL’ 86: Lost USFLers rom season, including hypothetical trades (some based on real “what if?” moves*, others based on experiment),

-1st round redraft based on narrative and other sources (see read me)

-Inclusion of notably absent rookies (Cris Carter, Alonzo Highsmith, Greg Lloyd, Hardy Nickerson, Jim Harbaugh, Haywood Jeffries, Tommie Agee, Jessie Tuggle, and more)

-Restored players cut in favor of replacement players from ‘87 in some cases.

-added more exceptional USFL players (Ernest Anderson, Putt Choate, Chuck Clanton, John Corker, Kiki DeAyala, Greg Fields, Jackie Flowers, Pat Phenix, Mark Keel, Ken Lacy, Bruce Thornton, Marcus Marek, and others) often replacing scabs not on final ‘87 rosters or filling in gaps from first round redraft.

-Back from the dead: Joe Delaney and David Overstreet return to the league after sojourns in the USFL and CFL

-7 minute quarters

-Stats after every quarter

-Wedge formation on kickoffs

-2nd Uniform edits (feel free to provide suggestions):

1. Orange jersey blue helmets and pants for Bears (sort of look like Broncos but a darker shade)

2. gold jersey/red pants for Chiefs

3. Chargers get yellow helmet and gold pants

4. Yellow helmet and pants, red jerseys for Washington

5. Carolina blue-ish for Cardinals

6. Red helmets and black jerseys for Falcons (resembles ‘66 uniforms)

7. Second uni double-greens, double-purples, and double-blues for Jets, Vikings, and Giants (experiment)

8. Silver pants/helmets and green jerseys for Eagles (closer approximation to the uni from this era—the pants were the thing).

9. Light Red/pink helmet and pants, blue jersey 1st for Bills



Included in this file:

-’87 Age of Vinny Rom

-Save State for up to Week 15 of ’86 (Rom available on Tecmobowl.org)

-Save State for up to end of regular season of ‘86 (.fcs)

-Save State for very end of '86 season (.fcs)

-Save State for ’87 with “locked”-in schedule (schedule shouldn’t randomize) (.fcs)


*Agee and Lloyd both missed their rookie seasons due to injury, but not in this timeline--they are a little beefed up as their stats are based on '89 and '90, but that should even out in further rom edits (the computer rarely plays Agee anyway, unless Warner gets injured--he's good, but not great either so I have not seen any game imbalance). Collins, Knight, Woods, McDonald, and Braxton do not appear in this rom (Braxton and will appear in '88, filling in for the retired Kenny Easley, McDonald will in for Leonard Smith, and Woods will fill in for Butz, who has been "retired" from this rom in favor of Matt Millen; for details, check out the read me). 


**Doug Williams to the Raiders in '87 nearly happened, but Gibbs kiboshed because he felt he needed a veteran back-up for Schroeder; the Dickerson trade happens but under different contexts. 




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