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Jon W

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I have found great editors for TSB1 and 3. Is there an editor for TSB2? Been digging around and all I see is the 1 and 3 editors. Maybe I am odd but I prefer 2, would love to be able to edit teams and rosters for it.  Thank you.

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On 7/9/2020 at 10:23 AM, BAD_AL said:

I recently wrote an editor for TSB2 & TSB3:


Posted it in the Editors forum too.

for some reason the tsb 2 editor dont work when it comes to loading tsb 3 as i go to view the team details and players i get that handling exception error that ask you to ignore,quit or continue. also i dont remember if it was you bad al or cxrom that made the 32 team rom but have u ever thought about making a 30 team rom for the 1995-98 seasons. i am working on making roms from the 1992-96 seasons on nes copying the data from the 16 bit tsb games and the psx version.

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