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Ken Griffey Jr Baseball - Input/Vote

Darth Brett

Ken Griffey Jr Baseball SNES -- What Do You Guys Want?  

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  1. 1. I am going to make some new versions of KGJB and wanted to know which version you guys would like to see more? Decades with a specific team represented? Or decades with best players from that decade on each team?

    • Decades with a specific team represented? (example: the 2010s would have the '19 Dodgers, '18 Brewers, '18 Red Sox, etc.)
    • Decades with best players from that decade on each team? (example: the Dodgers would have players who had their best seasons from any time between 2011-2019, so you may have Bellinger along with Hanley Ramirez and A-Gone on that roster)

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I wanted to work on some more Griffey versions of the SNES game since baseball season is in full swing and we are all hunkered down in our homes and figured I would ask for your guys' input on this. Would you rather see a best of the decade version featuring specific teams from the decade, like the '19 Dodgers, '18 Red Sox, '18 Brewers, '14 Angels, '16 Cubs, '17 Indians, etc.? Or would you rather see a best of decade version featuring the best players for each team all on one roster? So any player from say the Yankees would be considered if they played any time from 2011-2019? Let me know what you guys would rather see and I will be posting it on here in a week or 2! Also, I will start with the 2010s and then work my way back and do each decade. Also, for the 2010s and 2000s , I will do versions that will have the Diamondbacks and Rays represented as well for those 2 decades. 


Thanks, be safe and "Play Ball!" And don't forget to vote! Your input is very important and needed.



** I added a couple of preview screenshots to let you guys get an idea for what I mean. The first roster shown below is a roster comprised of the best Dodgers from 2011-2019 (top) and the other roster pictured below is the '19 Dodgers' roster (bottom) **



Ken Griffey Jr. Ultimate Teams - 2010's Edition000.png

Ken Griffey Jr. Decade's Best - 2010's000.png

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Added pics
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Here's some more screenshots of the options:


Pictured at the top is the 2013 Braves Roster, which is option 1. Pictured on the bottom is the 2011-2019 Ultimate Braves roster, which would be option 2. Vote and I will work on whichever version you guys decided to go with! 



2013 Braves.png

2011-2019 Braves.png

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Already got 5 teams knocked out for this Best of the '10s version of KGJB! Hoping to upload it for you guys in a couple of weeks. 


A couple of quick side notes, for my all-time greats '98 expansion release, I replaced Texas with Arizona and Houston with Tampa. But for these new Decade's Best series of releases I will be doing, I think I'll replace Colorado with Arizona and Detroit with Tampa. Also, unlike my all-time greats release, I will allow players to appear on more than one team for these Decade's Best releases. Example, for the Best of the '00s game, you'll see Vlad on the Expos and Angels, Piazza on the Dodgers and Mets' rosters for the Best of the '90s game or Mr. October on the Yanks and A's for the Best of the '70s.


Preview of the Rockies' Best of the '10s roster



2011-2019 Rockies.png

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