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The Jeff Query Quarantine Classic II - Sat. April 11 - Online TSB Tournament

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WR Jeff Query -- Green Bay Packers | Green bay packers, Green bay ...

The Jeff Query Quarantine Classic II 

Live, one day, online tourney

Sat. April 11 - 7PM Eastern/6PM Central - no entry fee - $20 for winner

Registration ends 4/11 at 6PM Eastern

*after 16 entries a waitlist will be created until another group of 4 is achieved 

*expect tourney to take 4 hours

*must be able to host

*be discord and on the #one-day-tourneys and ready to play at 7PM eastern. Groups will be announced at that time and games will begin immediately. Please be prepared to play your group games as soon as possible to keep things moving at a quick pace.


Each team sits one offensive player for the entire game chosen by their opponent 

Coin toss for matchup - No deferring matchup call - Matchups can only be called once for entire tournament

Madison Rules i.e. no lurching

Condition checker is allowed

First stage will be Round Robin Group play - 4 to a group. Random grouping.

Top 16 advance to single elimination bracket - Winner of each group gets auto bid. Point Diff is tiebreaker for group winners and wildcards.


Group play please play in this order:

Game 1: 1vs4 & 2vs3

Game 2: 1vs2 & 3vs4

Game 3: 1vs3 & 2vs4


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Posted (edited)

1. MadTown

2. Da_Riddler???

3. JPthebowler5

4. ACSlater

5. PaskDaYooper

6. Thrash

7. AlphaTD

8. FastEd7070

9. Justinpeters51

10. Kmolnar

11. Disastamasta

12. the MACK

13. Gripsmoke

14. 8-Bit

15. JBrooks

16. PTitteri

17. JJT

18. Manyo

19. The Shield

20. mattgt37

21. hankthetank

22. red98sethut

23. Prime

24. Scottywags

25. Shotgun

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I cannnot host but if there is a 'one non-host' exception, I'd love to be it :)   Eifer also shared with me a server that has worked out well twice for HSTL-D games vs. other non-hosters (Scottywags and mattgt).  If not, totally cool and understood.

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Posted (edited)

Where do I get Condition Checker, and how do I use it? Please send the info to me on Discord: AlphaTD. 


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