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(NES) Tecmo Super Bowl Redux v3.0


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Tecmo Super Bowl Redux v3.0



Some consider the 1990 NFL season as one of, if not the best, NFL season in history. Around the same time Tecmo was starting to work on blowing us away with the all time NES classic Tecmo Super Bowl. I grew up in this era and my NFL fandom was at my peak around this time. For years I have been working on a side project of mine, Tecmo Super Bowl Redux. I wanted to make a more accurate simulation of the 1990 NFL season instead of the 1991 season with 1990 and 1991 players we got. This is the 3rd edition I have released and hope people enjoy this variation of the game. There have also been so many hacks that have been discovered since I first took this project on back in 2004 that it inspired me to revive this project. Thousands of hours have gone into testing how the game simulates in both SKP and COM vs COM seasons. Some of the features of this game includes:


  • Updated player ratings
  • Rosters updated for the 1990 season - Players like Eric Dickerson, Michael Dean Perry and Brent Williams are now included
  • Updated playbooks - No more reverses!
  • Schedule is in chronological order just like the actual 1990 NFL season
  • Team uniforms edited - All teams have a dark and light uniform. Team matchups have been edited so they use the correct uniforms like the games played in 1990 (Divisonal games are the only games where uniforms won't always be accurate
  • Numerous color edits


The game has three versions available: Vanilla, Hardtype and my personal favorite, Hardtype - P2 Road Hack. Here's a list of the hacks included in each version:


Hacks included in Vanilla version:

  1. Disable Alt 3 Uniforms (shared by @bruddog)
  2. Main Menu Background Color Change XX's (shared by @gojiphen malor)
  3. Schedule Background Color Change XX (shared by @gojiphen malor)
  4. More NFL like QB rating value (shared by @bruddog)
  5. Player 2 Conditions Fix (shared by @jstout)
  6. Prevent schedule from being random (shared by @bruddog)
  7. QB backpedal animation hack (shared by @bruddog)
  8. Randomize sound loop used for each play (shared by @bruddog)
  9. FG avoid kick block fix (shared by @bruddog)
  10. Increase CPU kickoff length (shared by @Yak)
  11. Better COM punt timing (shared by @bruddog)
  12. Changing KR Speed (shared by @Knobbe)
  13. PR speed change from SS to actual PR player (shared by @Tecmonster)
  14. TE sim fix (shared by @Martin)
  15. Change offensive SIM to 'out of 32' sum (shared by @Martin)
  16. QB/PR ball control (shared by @jstout)
  17. COM Goes For FG w/:20 Left in Half/End of Game (shared by @TheRaja)


Hacks included with Hardtype version:

  1. Add stats after quarters (shared by @bruddog)
  2. PA/PC hack - PC is INT and PA is target (shared by @buck)
  3. QB throws ball instead of taking sack and runs less
  4. COM Dive Tackling like SNES TSB I  (shared by @xplozv)
  5. Directional punts (shared by @xplozv)
  6. Kickoff Wedge Return (shared by @xplozv)
  7. Onside kick hack better recovery rate for P2 (shared by @bruddog)
  8. Changing the differential for popcorning/ dl busting through (shared by @bruddog)
  9. Better INT returns (shared by @bruddog)
  10. Diving time based on HP (shared by @bruddog)
  11. Buck's TSB COM Juice Setter (shared by @buck)
  12. Find open receiver (shared by @jstout)
  13. Push/Pull Hack (shared by @BAD_AL, written by @bruddog)


Hacks included with Hardype - P2 Road Hack version:

  1. Road Team Plays as Player 2 (shared by @bruddog)


So take a sec to download this game and fire it up! Enjoy Tecmo fans and thank you to everyone who has helped in making this game one of the most edited cult classics ever!


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Here's the last 10-season COM vs COM test I ran to see how the teams average out:




I ran hundreds of these simulated seasons in both COM vs COM and SKP vs SKP seasons, fine tuning the game until the simulations ran as close to the 1990 season in a 10 year average as I could get it. Countless hours went into this one so any feedback will be greatly apppreciated!

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doing a com vs com of the season, and I really like it!

Im repping my favorite teams (Packers) and they are 1-0 so far :)

im sure that wont last, but a man can hope


Edit: just lost to the bears 38-7 lol


The scores are very realistic and varied, which i appreciate.


Have seen 42-35 and 9-3, and everywhere in between on week 1

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