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USFL Semi pro 2020

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 A new season of usfl/wlaf semi pro football. New teams like the San Antonio Oilers led by Q.B A.Luck and former Texas star Jamaal Charles look to take the league by storm! Rookie joe burrow gets some pro experience with the Ohio glory before the draft with Chase young on defense! Rosters are loaded with recently retired NFL players NCAA seniors and guy's that never made NFL rosters . Can they make it back ?!







USFL Fantasia 2019 (1-4-19)(2)(3).nes

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Posted (edited)

You seem like the perfect person to save us during these times and do an XFL 2020 rom


I'll try the rom you posted tonight.

Edited by chris99

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      Hello Tecmo faithful!

      I just got done playing a season only running the ball with Joe Caravello of the San Diego Chargers (allowing punting, FGs, and returns by other players). It was ABSOLUTELY the most exciting and entertaining season I have ever played and I cannot wait to find other ways to switch it up. (Thanks to the Proehl reverse thread for the idea btw)

      Playing with an ass-terrible RB was a great learning tool and promoted some pretty bizarre strategies that I had never thought of before. If you have a thumb of iron, I would strongly urge you to try it (and post your results)!

      So what methods have you heard of / used to make a season interesting? Field goals only? Defensive scores only? I'd love to hear what other fun challenges there are!
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