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Burnin Therman

Looking for direction on a new Rom

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Hi Tecmo Community!


After years of playing and editing the 28 team rom

I’m jumping into the 32 team rom space and I’m looking to build out a 09-13’ era rom with some of the great updates/hacks that are currently out there.

After an afternoon of testing out what was available (using an SD card, Ever Drive NES cart and an AVS NES) I had a few questions about where I should start and was hoping you could provide me with some guidance.

I’d like to have “fixes” for some of the issues that existed in earlier versions of the 32 cart.  Things like the half-time stats, punt return fix, the pre snap “huts”, no flicker, and game-length options.

Could I pull from the latest Tecmo cart (2019) and make roster/text updates or would I be better served to use an older 32 rom like the TSB 2002Old School rom (from the misc. downloads page).

I really appreciate your thoughts/direction on this!

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