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HSTL D League Interest List (28 ONLY)

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As I discussed on Discord, I am starting an HSTL D-League (the name might change in the future.)


I am looking to fill a full 28 team league.


As discussed on Discord, there will be some sort of mechanism where the HSTL Waiting List will flow through the HSTL D League going forward. There will be some sort of mechanism where the bottom performing teams in HSTL will be relegated to the HSTL D League, and the top performing teams in the HSTL D league will be promoted to HSTL. I'm still developing exactly how this is all going to work, but that's the basic framework.


If you are interested in joining, please reply to this post with the information below. Current HSTL Waiting list members have priority.


  • Discord Handle:
  • Team preference (list 3 teams).  I'm going to align to the best of my ability so your team isn't guaranteed.


Current Interest List:


1. Miles Prower (Minnesota, Tampa Bay and Houston)

2. Jonnyv (Cincinnati, Washington, Chicago)

3. Scottywaggs (Kansas City)

4. SimpleSimon (Chicago, San Diego)

5. VGifted (Denver, Indianapolis, Houston)

6. Deuceloose (New Orelans, San Francisco, Seattle)

7. Deviled Greg (Phoenix)

8. Thrash (Los Angeles Raiders)

9. Noyhouse (Washington, Detroit, Buffalo)

10. mattgt37 (Tampa Bay, Phoenix, Green Bay)

11. rdleifriaf (Houston, Seattle)

12. Kovalkin (New England, Atlanta, Indianapolis)

13. ACSlater (Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay, Phoenix)

14. Baxter (New England)

15. Kmolnar (Cleveland, San Diego, New Englad)

16. manYo (Kansas City, Washington, San Diego, Los Angeles Raiders)

17. Riddler (Cincinnati, Atlanta, Miami)

18. disastamasta (Phoenix, Atlanta, Los Angeles Raiders)

19. Johny_MX (Kansas City, Detroit, Los Angeles Raiders, Atlanta)

20. Gripsmoke (PNW Crew)

21. Eifersucht (NYG, Cincinnati, NO Dallas)

22. Arnco EM (San Francisco)

23. JP51 (NYG, Tampa Bay, Kansas City)

24. Iconboxingclub (Denver, Dallas, Phoenix)

25. ImFlo (Chicago, NO Green Bay)

26. JJT (Minnesota, San Francisco, Seattle)

27. RetroNathan (San Francisco, Kansas City, Green Bay)

28. Shotgun (Chicago, Philadelphia, Tampa Bay)


Current Waiting List:


1. War Machine

2. Tecmobo

3. Kamphuna

4. Darth Rockman

5. PunkyQB 

6. Segathonsov

7. Nelson79

8. SammieSmith33

9. PaskDaYooper

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Thrash. Raiders or anyone.

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Arnco EM

(SF or doesn’t matter)

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