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(NES) Hollywood Tecmo Bowl II - The Sequel

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Hollywood Tecmo Bowl II - The Sequel

Hollywood Tecmo Bowl II - The Sequel (Version 1.0)


Play as Some of the Most Iconic Names in Sports Movie/TV History! (Shane Falco, Willie Beamen, Earl Megget, Bobby Boucher, Johnathan Moxon, Gary Bertier, Paul Crewe, Icebox, Thad Castle, Boobie Miles, Steve Lattimer, The Ogre, Charlie Tweeder, and more.)


New Changes:

A complete overhaul including: Tons of graphical changes, new hacks, player & team ratings, new players, playbooks, schedules, plays, formations, etc...


- I’ve created greater disparity between teams to ramp up the difficulty in winning. A true test of your Tecmo skills. Test your abilities by playing with a Pop Warner team vs the some of the greatest teams in Movie/TV Histoy such as the Miami Sharks or Washington Sentinels.


- Included 2 versions: 

- Original Uniforms

- Alternate Uniforms


-Added Rivalry Week (Week 17)

Featured Matchups:

Louisiana Cougars @ SCLSU Mud Dogs

Permian Panthers @ Dallas Carter Cowboys

The Guards @ The Mean Machine

Miami Sharks @ Dallas Knights


New to The Unbeatables Roster:

Clark Kent, Johnny Utah, David Dunn, Gale Sayers, Ernie Davis, Forrest Gump, Dreamer Tatum, Rod Tidwell, Al Bundy, Ray Finkle, Eric Olcyzk, Vontae Mack, Spike, Michael Oher


- Can you beat The Unbeatables?!!

- Test your skills and try to lead the Adams Atoms, Texas State Armadillos, SCLSU Muddogs, Bayside Tigers or Little Giants all the way to a Hollywood Championship!

- Play against rivals such as: Dallas Carter vs Permian, The Guards vs The Mean Machine, The Muddogs vs The UL Cougars, Miami Sharks vs Dallas Knights

- Who's better?

           - Miami Sharks or Washington Sentinels?

           - Beamen or Falco?

           - Boobie or Megget?

           - Which Friday Night Lights team is better? Permian Panthers or Dillon Panthers?

           - Jonathan Moxon or Lance Harbor?

- Can you break the single season sack record with a Waterboy?

- Can you redeem the Permian Panther's loss in the iconic 1988 Texas State Semi-Final matchup to the Dallas Carter Cowboys?

- Who's worse?

           - Lucas or The Bermanator?


Answer all these questions and more!!


*32 -Teams*    

2 Conferences / 8 Divisions (Golden Globe Conference and Academy Award Conference)


AAC East Division

Dallas Carter Cowboys (Friday Night Lights: Movie)

Miami Bucks (Semi-Tough)

Washington Sentinels (The Replacements)

Taft High Rockets (The Best of Times)


AAC North Division

Minden Browns (The Longshots)

The Unbeatables (All-Star Team made up of the best players in TV/Movie History)

Ampipe High Bulldogs (All the Right Moves)

Eastern State Timberwolves (The Program)


AAC South Division

Allenville Penitentiary Guards (The Longest Yard)

Univ. of Louisiana Cougars (The Waterboy)

Kilpatrick Mustangs (Gridiron Gang)

Shiloh Christian Academy Eagles (Facing the Giants)


AAC West Division

Blue Mountain State Goats (Blue Mountain State)

Adams College Atoms (Revenge of the Nerds)

North Dallas Bulls (North Dallas Forty)

Dillon Panthers (Friday Night Lights: TV Show)


GGC East Division

South Central Louisiana State Muddogs (The Waterboy)

The Little Giants (Little Giants)

Texas State Armadillos (Necessary Roughness)

Ridgemont Wolves (Fast Times at Ridgemont High)


GGC North Division

Miami Sharks (Any Given Sunday)

Bayside Tigers (Saved by the Bell)

Marshall Thundering Herd (We Are Marshall)

Minnesota State Screaming Eagles (COACH: TV Show)


GGC South Division

East Mississippi Community College Lions (Last Chance U: TV Show)

Permian Panthers (Friday Night Lights: Movie)

The Mean Machine (The Longest Yard)

Central High Wildcats (Wildcats)


GGC West Division

TC Williams Titans (Remember the Titans)

Dallas Knights (Any Given Sunday)

West Canaan Coyotes (Varsity Blues)

Park High Pirates (Lucas)


Also, the Permian Panthers, Dallas Carter Cowboys, Marshall Thundering Herd, EMCC Lions and the TC Williams Titans all feature the REAL players from their REAL team rosters!


* Special thanks to Tecmonster for help with playbooks and formations*


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