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How much Juice do you like?

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I made my NCAA roms fully juiced.

Every game plays as if you are 16-0.

I was thinking that would be the most fun/challenging.

While it is challenging, I find it very difficult to run the ball and I never get any interceptions.

I would love to hear others thoughts on what is the best/most fun way to juice a rom.


I also have a question about juice.

Is it easier to win in the playoffs if you were not undefeated in the Regular Season or are all playoff games fully juiced?

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Running the ball does tend to be a grind in juiced roms. Calling short pass plays to the TE or RB and sneaking with the QB are the best options, in my experience. Editing the playbook should also help.

Not sure, but I think with max juice the levels are the same regardless of whether you lose during the season or not.

I tend to play preseason games with the late season coverage hack and max juice and the difficulty feels the same to me as regular season and playoff games.

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