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1996 All Pro Team

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All Pro Team


QB1 - Brad Johnson (CHI)

QB2 - Todd Marinovich (NO)
RB1 - Ronald Moore (WAS)
RB2 - Bobby Humphrey (NYG)
RB3 -  Bo Jackson (CHI)
RB4 - Garrison Hearst (SEA)
WR1 - Willie Anderson (JAX)
WR2 - Jimmy Smith (PIT)
WR3 - Troy Brown (OAK)
WR4 - Marvin Harrison (KC)
TE1 - Mark Bavaro (CAR)
TE2 -   Marcus Pollard (DAL)
OL1 - Keith Sims (CHI) most total yards
OL2 - Willie Anderson (NYG) most rushing yards
OL3 - Mike Utley (TB) most passing yards
OL4  - Lincoln Kennedy (ATL) fewest sacks
OL5  -  Roger Duffy (GB) OL5 from best KR
DL1 - Laroi Glover (NE)
DL2 - Michael Bankston (BUF)
DL3 - Tim Bowens (DAL)
LB1 - Roman Phifer (PIT)
LB2 - Darion Connor (HOU)
LB3 - William Thomas (CHI)
LB4 - Willie McGinest (NO)
DB1 - Ray Buchanan (GB)
DB2 - Lonnie Young (SF)
DB3 - Brian Dawkins (NE)
DB4 - Henry Jones (ATL)
 K - Jason Elam (NE)
P - Chris Becker (HOU)

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