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(GENS) NBA Live 96 HWC

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NBA Live 96 HWC

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From the "README" and "Summary" files...


README - Updated for NBA 1995-1996 Season:
*NBA Live 96 HWC (USA, Europe, Asia).md                            CRC-32: 98efc940        # Roster updates and with 1996 All-Stars



The setup *starts off* similar to NBA Live 20 HWC, so I have included that information below...

Sega Genesis - Directions:
when you start the game there are a few things you need to do because there are limitations with the editor i used.
1. go to roster setup
2. draft both teams
3. press start to forfeit draft, you will get an error message
4. restart rom Toronto and Vancouver will are drafted correctly this way
5. NOTE: New Orleans Pelicans didn't exist in 1996, so you're done--ready to play!




Summary - NBA Live 96 HWC Notes

NOTE: This is a revised (or updated) version of NBA Live 96, using the Season Start date of 11/03/1995.


Notable trades or FA signings recognized:
*Tyrone Corbin (ATL) trade for Spudd Webb (SAC)
*Dana Barros signed to BOS
*Dennis Rodman (SAS) trade for Will Perdue (CHI) and Jack Haley (CHI)
*Alonzo Mourning (CHA) trade for Glen Rice (MIA) and Matt Geiger (MIA)
*Hot Rod Williams (CLE) trade for Dan Marjele (PHO) and Antonio Lang (PHO)
*Don MacLean (DEN) trade Robert Pack (WAS)
*Frank Brickowski (SAC) trade for Sarunas Marciulionis (SEA) and Byron Houston (SEA)
*Kendall Gill (SEA) trade for Hershey Hawkins (CHA) and David Windgate (CHA)
*B.J. Armstrong (TOR) trade for Carlos Rogers (GSW) and Victor Alexander (GSW)
*TOR and VAN rookie and expansion draft picks
*any many more...


Notable nicknames recognized:
(ATL) Spud Webb
(CHA) Muggsy Bogues
(DAL) Popeye Jones
(LAC) Bo Outlaw
(MIN) J.R. Rider
(NJN) Sleepy Floyd
(ORL) Tree Rollins
(PHO) Hot Rod Williams
(SAS) Vinny Del Fuego
(SAS) Doc Rivers
(VAN) Blue Edwards
(WAS) Kenny Sky Walker
*and more...


Notable players missing and added via hidden or dropped players:
(BOS) Xavier McDaniel        # kept on end of bench because that's my dude!
(LAC) Stanley Roberts         # was Sam Bowie (retired)
(PHI) Vernon Maxwell         # added via hidden developer Novell Thomas
(POR) Arvydas Sabonis      # added via dropped player Brad Daugherty
(WAS) Tim Legler                # was Danny Ainge (retired)


Bonus players added:
(ATL) Dominique Wilkins***    # added via hidden developer Amory Wong (similiar to Scottie Pippen profile)

***He was added to end of ATL bench (i.e. 14th player) because he was actually playing overseas at the time


Finally, had to add myself as a hidden player:
(FA)  KDub Mods                # was hidden player "Ted Murray" (similar to Jason Kidd profile; that's accurate)


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Nostalgia at its best. I played the Bulls and Supersonics, and it looks like the Supersonics still have OKC colors. I like the small touches you added like Rodman's hair, updated numbers after trades, etc.

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