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Sammamish WA, 11/9/2019, CFT TSD 1 - Silence of the Rams

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Super (obviously) important oversharing of my thought processes for the name of this shindig. I perused the top movies of 1991 and used them in this stream of consciousness. 


My Own Private Bo... Or Joe...

Backdraft Draftback

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Point Broke

Boyz All in Good

JFK - Jerry, Fulcher and Krieg

Robbin Good (Players) : Price of Thieves

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Bills and Jets Bogus Journey

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and finally


Necessary Roughness


Oh yeah, we're doing a Tecmo thing this weekend on Saturday at the Eagle's Nest in Sammamish (we gonna change that moniker to the Hawk's Nest?)


Here are the particulars:


CONCEPT: 7 players will be participating in a one-day tecmo tournament in a format never before seen. There will be two rounds of drafting, a TEAM draft and PLAYER STEALING draft. 


Each of the 7 players will choose 4 teams each from the original TSB, totalling 28 teams. This will be a SNAKE draft (person picking last in round 1 picks first in round 2, etc). There’s not much for rules here, pick a team that hasn't been taken yet, and make it snappy.


Once the teams are chosen, there will be a 2 round NON-SNAKE draft, beginning with the last team selected and ending with the first team selected. This draft has lots of rules, so read a few times to make sure you got it.


RULE 1: You cannot steal from one of your own teams.

Example: You drafted the teams SF, SD, NO, IND. Any time you’re up to steal a player, you CANNOT steal players from those teams.


RULE 2: A team can only be stolen from a maximum of 3 times.

Once this limit is hit, the team is immune from being stolen for the rest of the draft.

Example: The Oilers lose Warren Moon, Drew Hill, and Richard Johnson. They are now immune from being stolen from again, so if you want Lorenzo White, get him EARLY. 


RULE 3: Once a team loses a player, the position of that player is immune from future steals

Example: If Joe Montana is stolen, Steve Young is safe. If Bo Jackson is stolen, Marcus Allen is safe. If Derrick Thomas is stolen, Percy Snow is safe. Etc for all positions


RULE 4: The player you steal must be the same position and alignment as the player you’re giving. 

Example: Jerry Rice is WR2. If you want to steal him, you gotta trade your WR2.

Example: Gil Byrd is DB2. If you want him, you gotta trade your DB2


RULE 5: There will be NO RE-ALIGNMENTS

Example: If you steal Gil Byrd, get ready to play DB2


RULE 6: Once a player is stolen, they cannot be RE-STOLEN again.

Example: IND takes QB Eagles. QB Eagles is the IND QB for the rest of the draft.


RULE 7: A given player can be stolen by another team, but a given player may NOT be given away again in another trade.

This is the most complex rule, so a couple examples will help explain the logic.


Example A: Indianapolis, with the first pick, steals QB Eagles (and in exchange, give the Eagles their original QB1, Jeff George). 


Now that IND has QB Eagles and PHI has Jeff George...

  1. QB Eagles is immune from being stolen from the Colts (per Rule 6), 

  2. Jim McMahon is immune from being stolen from the Eagles (per Rule 3), 

  3. The owner of PHI may NOT trade away Jeff George for another QB1, but some other team COULD steal Jeff George (per Rule 7)


Example B: Cleveland, knowing someone will eventually steal QB Browns, preemptively solves their QB problem by stealing Warren Moon from HOU (and in exchange, gives      QB Browns to HOU)


Now that CLE has Warren Moon and HOU has QB Browns

  1. Warren Moon is immune from being stolen from the Browns (per Rule 6)

  2. Cody Carlson is immune from being stolen from the Oilers (per Rule 3)

  3. The owner of HOU may not trade away QB Browns for another QB1, but some other team COULD steal QB Browns (per Rule 7)



So Far we are done through Round 4. I'll post the results below but will keep the End Results on this top post of this thread. 


Round Zero: Picking draft slot

Joey B - 1.

Shamanyo - 2

Boogie with Stu - 3

Tick - 4

Gripsmoke - 5

DT - 7

Kamp - left with 6



Teams selected. 










Player Draft:

1.1 Browns snatch QB Eagles, giving up QB Browns to Philly  

1.2 Bucs snatch Jerry Rice, giving up Bruce Hill to the 49ers. 

1.3 Eagles snatch Bo Jackson, giving up Keith Byars 

1.4 Falcons snatch Joe Montana, giving Chris Miller


Cascadia Tournament Historical Links:

Ickey Shuffle 1 - CFT - The Shuffle Draft: The Silence of the Lambs 11/19/19 1st gripsmoke, 2nd kamphuna8, 3rd Manyo

CFT Season 4 - Sammamish Smashmouth Tecmo at the Eagles Nest 7/29/19 - 1st PeteT, 2nd kamphuna8, 3rd and 4th gripsmoke and Tick

PNW Honbasho 1 Behind the Woodshed 1/26/19 1st DT, 2nd gripsmoke, 3rd kamphuna8, 4th PTitteri

CFT RNG 1  Sammamish Smshmth   12.30/18   1st Invader, 2nd kamphuna, 3rd and 4th DT and Stu (lost in Conf Championships)

CFT Season 3 GrgeDys Revsted 11/10/18  1st kamphuna8, 2nd Stu, 3rd and 4th Tick and Randy (lost in Conf Championships)

CFT Season 2 Grit City Tecmo   7/28/18  1st Randy, 2nd kamphuna8, 3rd and 4th DT and Stu (lost in Conf championships)

Portland Tecmo 2 JJ's Birden   1/27/18   1st kamphuna8, 2nd gripsmoke, 3rd Tick, 4th DT (Greats rom side tourney 1st Gripsmoke, 2nd kamphuna8

Seattle  Pimpin' Ain't Easley       9/3/17      1st Ptitteri, 2nd Mort, 3rd DT, 4th Invaderstar (Consolation Champ  Tailback King)

CFT Season 1  Tacoma              7/8/17      1st kamphuna8, 2nd DT, 3rd XtraLargent, 4th Invaderstar

CFT Season 0 Centralia             3/11/17    1st Tick, 2nd kamphuna8, 3rd DT, 4th Manyo

3Portland 1  JJ in the Beaver     1/28/17     1st Invaderstar, 2nd gripsmoke, 3rd Manyo  (Consolation Champ 1991Huskies #shoottheJ)

Pac Rim 3  Seattle                     9/4/16        1st Moonwalk, 2nd kamphuna8, 3rd jim jensen, 4th DT (Bottom Bracket Winner Boogiewithstu  over gripsmoke)

PNWTC 5   Centralia                 7/2/16         1st gripsmoke, 2nd SirTed, 3rd Tick, 4th Manyo

Mayhem 5  Centralia "Dick"     8/29/15       1st kamphuna8, 2nd Invaderstar, 3rd gripsmoke, 4th Manyo

PNWTC 4    Centralia               7/11/15          1st DT, 2nd gripsmoke, 3rd SirTed, 4th kamphuna8

Mayhem 4  Centralia "play 2"   1/2/15         1st kamphuna8, 2nd manyo, 3rd grip ( Night mayhem 1st kamp, 2nd manyo, 3rd TailbackKing)

PNWTC 3  Centralia                    6/21/14       1st gripsmoke, 2nd Invaderstar, 3rd Sir Ted, 4th Randy F Mr. GiGGles

PAC RIM II  Seattle                      4/12/14       1st Invaderstar, 2nd gripsmoke, 3rd Sir Ted, 4th Stanley?

Mayhem 3  Tacoma Trailer Tecmo  4/4/14  1st kamphuna8   Mini Tourney Winner Invaderstar

Mayhem 2  Centralia                   3/1/14          1st kamphuna8, 2nd Sir Ted, 3rd Manyo, BoogieWithStu

Mayhem 1 Centralia ACTUAL    2/15/14        Manyo over kamphuna8

Mayhem 1  Centralia                  8/17/13         Didnt happen... 

PNWTC 2    Centralia                  6/30/13         1st kamphuna8, 2nd Randy Foulfield, 3rd Sir Ted, 4th BoogieWithStu

PAC RIM I  Seattle                       4/7/13           1st Randy, 2nd kamphuna8, 3rd tie Sir Ted and Tyler J

PNWTC 1   Olympia                     6/23/12         1st Randy, 2nd GoNickMontana5, 3rd Manyo, 4th BoogieWithStu  RESULTS


Rumblings by CochiseBlue(Luigi)  and MadManyo and GoManyo360

Edmonds at Another Castle        5/20/11          1st Manyo, 2nd kamphuna8, 3rd Boogie with Stu RECAP


RodWoodson aka TecmoGodfather aka PNW Live Tourney Godfather


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43 minutes ago, kamphuna8 said:

The remaining teams to be drafted are CLEVELAND, TAMPA BAY and PHILADELPHIA. ALL have great QBs...

Round 4 Pick 5, Stu selects EAGLES1 

Round 4 Pick 6, Manyo selects BUCCANEERS1 

Round 4 Pick 7 gives Joey B BROWNS1 

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Player draft has commenced. 


First Player stolen is.... QB Eagles to Cleveland. QB Browns goes to Philly. QB Eagles will be the starter in Cleveland this year and Jim McMahon is guaranteed to be an Eagle. 

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With the 3rd pick in this Player Selection Draft, Stu and his Eagles select Bo Jackson. Keith Byars is sent to the Raiders. Marcus Allen is guaranteed to be a Raider. 

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With the 4th pick in this draft, The Great White Tick selects Joe Montana to play for his Falcons, sending Chris Miller to the 49ers. Steve Young will remain a 49er. 

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Regional Previews

Fear of a QB Browns Planet Region

1 Seed: Manyo – Tampa Bay Buccaneers BUCCANEERS1 

The Buccaneers predictably lost Wayne Haddix and Vinny Testaverde. After several threats to impugn another squad with the TB OL, Manyo eventually ended up with Jerry Rice for the spice (with Jay Schroeder given to him to replace Vinny) and Gill Byrd to hold down the defense.

Net Adds: Jerry Rice, Gill Byrd, Jay Schroeder, Patrick Hunter

Net Losses: Wayne Haddix, Vinny Testaverde, Bruce Hill, Ricky Reynolds


2 Seed: DT – Seattle Seahawks SEAHAWKS1 

The Seahawks went into the Snatching Phase of the Draft with big hopes of keeping Ol’ Mudbone, but alas, Gripsmoke Tabbed Dave Krieg as his QB for the Colts, “gifting” DT the services of one Jeff George. DT did NOT replace Kelly Stouffer (it’s pronounced like offer), instead picking up Wayne Haddix to hold down the D and Dave Meggett to infuse the offense with some versatility as a stud both carrying the rock and running routes and snatching it.

Net Adds: Wayne Haddix, Dave Meggett, Jeff George

Net Losses: Dave Krieg, Patrick Hunter, Derrick Fenner


3 Seed: Gripsmoke – Los Angeles Rams RAMS1 

The Rams got the Tourney Moniker treatment (really just by my impression that THAT movie name mashup would get the most traction, thus The Silence of the Rams). While Silencing of the Rams was attempted, Gripsmoke avoided having an OZONE layer sized hole in his offense by securing the services of QB Browns (and giving up Jim Everett in the process) so the guaranteed stud WR remaining (once a player is pilfered, no more players from that position could be snatched) would have a rodeo partner of merit. Predictably, one of the 2 WRs was taken by Kamp’s Saints (FLIPPER!) and Kevin Greene was silenced from the Rams squad, but an ABSOLUTE BEAST in Derrick Thomas was selected to help the Rams hold it down on the defensive side of the ball. ALSO, HOW COOL IS IT THAT QB BROWNS IS IN THE FEAR OF A QB BROWNS PLANET REGION!?!?!

Net Adds: QB Browns, Derrick Thomas, Brent Perriman, Henry Rolling (s Band)

Net Losses: Jim Everett, Willie FLIPPER Anderson, Kevin Greene, Mike Wilcher


4 Seed: Joey B – Cleveland Browns BROWNS1 

The Browns were the Mr. Irrelevants of the Team draft, but in doing so, also were able to secure the best player overall in the Player Snatch Phase of the draft. The Browns were one of three Grey Worm teams, along with the Colts and Pats #unsullied, where no player was pilfered from their roster. Joey added QB Eagles but also gave up QB Browns in doing so. Still, it’s QBEAGLES! The other player Joey picked to add to the Dawg Pound was Darrell Green from DT’s Redskins.

Net Adds: QB Eagles, Darrell Green

Net Losses: QB Browns, Raymond Clayborn


5 Seed: Stu – San Diego Chargers CHARGERS1 

Stu’s Chargers had a rough Player Snatch Phase of the draft in my humble opinion. San Diego does NOT have a ton going on offense outside of Marion Butts, and without Butts or a Butts replacement, the San Diego Offense will truly resemble a Whale’s Vagina. Will Butts replacement Lorenzo White be enough? Maybe if Stu employs Manyo’s tried and true Lo White Offensive, the Chargers can make up for losing their Butts. In true Stu fashion, the Chargers BEEFED up the defense. Ronnie Lott and Kevin Greene were added to a defense that DID lose Gill Byrd. Definitely a Stu draft and defense for the Super Chargers.

Net Adds: Ronnie Lott, Kevin Greene, Lorenzo White, Ricky Reynolds

Net Losses: Marion Butts, Gill Byrd, Vencie Glenn, Henry Rolling (s Band)


6 Seed: kamp – Dallas Cowboys COWBOYS1 

I can verify that kamp was VERY excited (yet still somewhat hesitant due to CIN still being avail) to draft the Cowboys team. While the Cowboys did add a couple of difference makers, they were still a late target for the pilfering protocol. Dallas first picked up Lawrence Taylor, in a move that shocked absolutely nobody, as LT has been a staple in CFT Dallas for the better part of 3 seasons. Dallas also added Jim Everett, sadly saying hadios to Cowboy Troy and Ken Norton Jr. 2 of the final 5 picks in the Player Snatch Phase of the draft targeted the Cowboys, albeit for slight upgrades which meant only slight downgrades for Dallas. Grip Rage Pilfered Manny Hendrix in a clear retaliation move for taking Don Majkowski and Howie Long from his teams, gifting Lionel Washington back, and then in the early morning haze after most of the draft was completed, Manyo announced that Emmitt Smith would be taking his talents to the Meadowlands, returning OJ Anderson for the favor.

Net Adds: Lawrence Taylor, Jim Everett, OJ Anderson, Lionel Washington

Net Losses: Emmitt Smith, Troy Aikman, Manny Hendrix, Ken Norton Jr.


7 Seed: Tick – Kansas City Chiefs CHIEFS1 

Tick’s Chiefs went through Round 1 of the Player Snatch Phase of the draft unsullied, and was unaware that there would be a round 2 as he commented how nobody took any Chiefs. When the smoke cleared after round 2, Kansas City was one of the 9 teams to lose the max of 3 of their original players. In the meantime, Tick added Joey Browner and Lonnie Young, the only squad to add 2 of the same position in the draft. Kansas City first lost Okoye to kamp’s Patriots, then Derrick Thomas to Grip’s Rams, and finally Stephone Paige to Stu’s Bears. Steve De Berg is still around, but he doesn’t have a whole lot of help on offense.

Net Adds: Joey Browner, Lonnie Young, Marvin Allen, Mike Wilcher, Wendell Davis

Net Losses: Derrick Thomas, Christian Okoye, Stephone Paige, Kevin Porter, Deron Cherry


Region ANALysis and PreDICtions

Brief overview of the teams lead to a quick assessment that the Rams and Cowboys are the 2 top squads here, and maybe I AM a little jaded for those STUD LB1s named LT and DT. However, in what is becoming routine in any of these tecmo get togethers, Grip and I seem to always meet pretty early on with a lot at stake. It started with a MIA CIN matchup down in Lewis County years ago, and has come to be a regular COLTS PATS matchup. As always though, styles make fights. I could see a team like the Bucs sneaking a key victory over either of this squads due to the Shroeded Rice effect, especially with the Bucs getting that first bye. I can also see the Browns and possibly the Seahawks as potential teams for the Elite 8, with not giving too much chance to the Chargers or the Chiefs as their offenses are just too toothless. But for my prediction, I still think Rams and Cowboys make the Elite 8.

Elite 8: Rams and Cowboys

Bubblicious: Buccaneers, Seahawks, Browns

Meth is a problem: Chargers, Chiefs

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2 minutes ago, DT. said:

I knew it might end poorly for the Seahawks...I drafted them out of principle and the 8% chance of keeping Krieg.

The Bengals tho

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Lo White End Theory Region

1 Seed: Joey B – San Francisco 49ers 49ERS1 

The Niners went first overall in the draft, and they were the 1st number 1 seed to be selected last night in the Region Selection process, securing a bye in the Lo White End Theory bracket. Both started with a bang and it just felt right that both Joey B and the Roll Gods selected the 49ers first in both of these instances. Choosing the 49ers, you have to know that you’ll be losing Joe Montana AND Jerry Rice, plus probably someone else. This came true, but you are also able to ADD 2 players to the mix as well. Joey selected Ernest Givins to bolster the WR corps in lieu of losing Rice. With the final pick of the Player Snatch Phase, the Niners took Chris Doleman from Manyo’s Vikings to give the 49ers an all 69 HP DL. Instead of Dave Waymer being pilfered, Ronnie Lott was chosen by Stu’s Chargers.

Net Adds: Ernest Givins, Chris Doleman, Chris Miller, Vencie Glenn, Bruce Hill

Net Losses: Jerry Rice, Joe Montana, Ronnie Lott, Mike Wilson, Kevin Fagan


2 Seed: DT – Washington Redskins REDSKINS1 

DT’s Strategery in many of his picks included securing teams with STOUT OL’s. As the Player Snatch Phase of the draft proceeded, his hopes of teams overlooking the Redskins for their shopping needs faded as first Darrell Green (not Mayhew), then Ricky Sanders, and finally the straw that broke the camel’s back, the WAS OL were all pilfered. With his Dolphins being saddled with the Eagles OL, and then both Green and his Hogs being pilfered by Joey B’s Browns and Jets respectively, sparking DT to be noticeably shook. DT’s next step was all about the VENGEANCE, going right for Dennis Byrd from Joey B’s Jets. DT’s first pilferage was BRUUUUUCE from Manyo’s Bills. Bad things, man. Bad Things…

Net Adds: Bruce Smith, Dennis Byrd, Raymond Clayborn, Ricky Nattiel, JETS OL

Net Losses: Darrell Green, The HOGS, RiGGy Sanders, Marcus Koch, Greg Manusky


3 Seed: Shamanyo1080 – New York Giants GIANTS1 

Manyo took the Giants 2nd overall in the Team draft. GiGGantes yall. It makes sense that it seems Manyo is VERY PUMPED for this GiGGantes squad. 2 RBs, 2 WRs and a LB corps from hell all mean that there will still be a solid RB, WR and LB corps after the Player Snatch Phase of the draft. Getting in front of the whole “potentially stuck with SHITE QBs”, Manyo went and got HIS QB, John Elway. You might be hardpressed to find someone who has more of a Tecmo hard on for playing with John Elway than Gripsmoke, and Manyo is THAT DUDE! Manyo also traded OJ Anderson for Emmitt after Meggett was snatched. LT and Everson Walls were casualties of war. Watch out for this team!

Net Adds: John Elway, Emmitt Smith, Ken Norton Jr, Derrick Fenner, JB Brown

Net Losses: LT, Phil Simms, Dave Meggett, OJ Anderson, Everson Walls


4 Seed: Tick – Atlanta Falcons FALCONS1 

Tick got to continue living his best Tugg Life with the Falcons falling to him late in the draft. Immediately, he picked Joe Montana off the Niners to replace Chris Miller. Deion Sanders got pilfered by Kamp’s Lions, and then Andre Rison got snatched by DT’s Bengals. Tick DID pilfer Erik McMillan from Joey B’s Jets to replace Prime Time. Losing Rison was rough, but Shawn Collins is still there as well as Mike Rozier to help the cause.

Net Adds: Joe Montana, Erik McMillan, Leroy Irvin, Eddie Brown

Net Losses: Andre Rison, Deion Sanders, Chris Miller, Scott Case


5 Seed: kamp – New England Patriots PATRIOTS1 

The Patriots are one of only 3 Grey Worm teams in this Shuffle Draft #unsullied. New England was able to add Warren Moon and Christian Okoye in the Player Snatch Phase of the draft, “gifting” Grogan (what a great band name that would be) and Marvin Allen to Tick’s Oilers and Chiefs in the process. The Patriots luckily were able to avoid losing Lippett and will rely on Hurst, Agnew and Tippett to Ronnie hold down the D.

Net Adds: Warren Moon, Christian Okoye

Net Losses: Steve Grogan, Marvin Allen


6 Seed: gripsmoke – Green Bay Packers PACKERS1 

Grip took the Packers and proceeded to add Mark Carrier to the mix in the Player Snatch Phase from Stu’s Bears. Bye Bye Chuck Cecil. We will see how effective Carrier is playing for the enemy. Then grip turned up the AC, taking Anthony Carter from Manyo’s Vikings. As the march to the end of the draft proceeded, the AC pick was prescient, as Sterling Sharpe was acquired by Stu’s Steel Curtain in exchange for Louis Lipps, the Ship Sinker. And then the MaJJik was taken from Green Bay by kamp and his Saints, leaving Green Bay with a pair of 44 38 QBs to lead the way in former #1 pick Steve Walsh (#supplemental) and Anthony Dilweg. At least nobody was foolish enough to steal Bob Lurch Nelson away, or there LEGIT would have been HAIL SATAN to pay!

Net Adds: Mark Carrier, Anthony Carter, Louis Lipps, Steve Walsh

Net Losses: Don MaJJkowski, Sterling Sharpe, Chuck Cecil, Perry Kemp


7 Seed: Stu – Pittsburgh Steelers STEELERS1 

Stu took the Steelers with his 2nd team pick after acquiring the Bears. Notice a trend there? Yes, Stu likes Defense (and so do I). Predictably, the Steelers lost Rod God Woodson (to the Bengals helmed by DT). However, that was it, as Greg Lloyd (despite some mid draft shenanigans on the google doc) remained a vital part of the Steel Curtain. Stu was able to add Thurman Thomas and Sterling Sharpe from Manyo’s Bills and Grip’s Packers, losing Merrill Hoge and Louis Lipps in the process. Is it Loose Lipps sinks ships? Or Losing Lipps Sinks Ships? Time shall tell…

Net Adds: Thurman Thomas, Sterling Sharpe, Carl Carter

Net Losses: Rod Woodson, Merrill Hoge, Louis Lipps


Region ANALysis and PreDICtions

The Lo White End Theory region unfortunately does not have Lo White, who along with QB Browns is in the Fear of a QB Browns Planet Region. But it does have some heavy hitters. Joey B’s 49ers, even with Young in for the Lost Joe, are a problem AND they have that 1 seed and it’s bye. Manyo’s Giants are up in this too. That’s the top 2 teams drafted overall y’all! Kamp’s Patriots have some oomph on offense with Moon and Okoye, while still maintaining their reasonable defense. DT’s Redskins are still pretty deep, even with the JETS OL in place of the HOGS, and Grip’s Packers have the weapons on both sides of the ball, despite the drop in level of QB. Tick’s Falcons might not have that Bad Moon speed, but they do have Cool Joe and 50 ms RB and WR to go with Erik McMillan holding down the DB3 spot. Then there’s Stu’s Steelers, with the same Steeler QB Room, yet a Thurmal back support and a Sterling air target in Sharpe. I still see the top 2 teams drafted as the ones to beat here.

Elite 8: GiGGantes and 49ers

Bubblicious: Redskins, Falcons, Patriots

To QB or Not QB: Steelers, Packers

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