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(GENS) NBA Live 20 HWC

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NBA Live 20 HWC

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Updated for NBA 2019-2020 Season:
*NBA Live 20 HWC (USA, Europe, Asia) (Rev B).md            CRC-32: 054b1864    # Season Opening Edition (as of 10/22/2019)
    --> all offseason trades, waivers, and free agent signings updated as of (mid-Sept?)
        1) Needed to get this out first; will update to true season opening (10/22/2019) roster in next release
    --> preseason team ranking used first (i.e. #1 '96 Bulls --> #1 '20 Clippers), then player overwrites, so...
        1) Paul George maps to Michael Jordan player ranking, but with his own attributes
        2) Kawhi Leonard maps to Scottie Pippen player ranking, and with his own attributes
        3) Not always desired player ranking (e.g. James Harden should be better); will fix in next release
        4) Pregame team rankings far more accurate (e.g. offense, defense, overall, etc.)
    --> NOTE: This is a "Beta" version, but *very* playable; most enjoyable HWC version to date!


The setup is similar to NBA Live 19 Hardwood Classics, so I have included that information below...

Sega Genesis - Directions:
when you start the game there are a few things you need to do because there are limitations with the editor i used.
1. go to roster setup
2. draft both teams
3. press start to forfeit draft, you will get an error message
4. restart rom Toronto and Memphis will are drafted correctly this way.
5. you need to set up New Orleans I have set it up so that the 1st team thru the Lakers (minus Cavs) have a
player at the end of their roster that needs traded to the FA list. Once you do that start the game and
select New Orleans from the exhibition menu and everyone will be in the FA list in order for you.


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