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WTF 1996 Rom Release Schedule and Season Deadlines

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Here is your 1996 Rom Release Schedule



Weeks 1-3 Sunday October 6

Week 4 Tuesday October 8

Week 5 Thursday October 10

Week 6 Tuesday October 15

Week 7 Thursday October 17

Week 8 Tuesday October 22

Week 9 Thursday October 24

Week 10 Tuesday October 29 (Deadline all games weeks 1-4 11:59pm Eastern)

Week 11 Thursday October 31 HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Week 12 Tuesday November 5 (Deadline all games weeks 1-8 11:59pm Eastern)

Week 13 Thursday November 7

Week 14 Tuesday November 12 (Deadline all games weeks 1-12 11:59pm Eastern)

Week 15 Thursday November 14 (Deadline all games weeks 1-13 11:59pm Eastern)

Week 16 Tuesday November 19 (Deadline all games weeks 1-14 11:59pm Eastern)

Regular Season Deadline Friday night November 29 (BLACK FRIDAY) by 11:59pm eastern savings time



I might be inclined to release some early, but know that the pace will slow toward the end so the last 2 are released on the scheduled days.

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Weeks 1 through 4 deadline is Tuesday evening Oct 29. Here are the unplayed games.


Week 1


Bills @tadaos vs Chiefs @johny_mx (2nd half)


Week 2 is complete (yay)


Week 3


Bills @tadaos  vs Panthers @Barletti

49ers @arncoem vs Saints @Nos

Browns @BigFatPaulie vs Raiders @Thrash


Week 4


Colts @MattyD vs Bears @tecmobo



Weeks 1 through 8 deadline is the next Tuesday evening November 5th





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Technically these games were due by Tuesday night, and the Weeks 1 - 13 were due by Thursday night. I'm moving the goalposts a bit here as everybody has at least 11 games in. So I'm doing weeks 1 - 12 deadline as of last night (well now really), and the next deadline could just be next Tuesday and it being weeks 1 - 14 (so do away with the deadline for weeks 1-13). 


Only 2 guys with a 1st Violation so far are Gonickmontana and DT for the game that they have since completed. Both have all weeks 1-12 in. 


Weeks 1 thru 12 games yet to be played

Week 10

@tadaos BILLS1  vs @stalltalk PACKERS1 



Week 11

@BarlettiPANTHERS1 vs @Eifersucht80 TEXANS1 



Week 12 

@MattyD COLTS1  vs @discdolo  GIANTS1 

@kamphuna8  COWBOYS1  vs @arncoem  49ERS1 


@tadaos BILLS1  vs @Swamp Chicken  STEELERS1 

@tecmobo BEARS1  vs @Prime FALCONS1 


So that means DT, Gonickmontana, tadaos, stalltalk, barletti, eifert, mattyd, discdolo, kamp, arncoem, swamp, tecmobo, and Prime all have a 1st violation which is essentially just the warning. A 2nd violation is as follows


2nd Violation: If an owner misses 2 deadlines in one season, the commissioner will then take away a gain (commissioner will choose after the rolls, and I will choose the one that hurts the offending team the most, commish discretion). If no gain roll is hit, I will choose one attribute from any player on the roster and drop it one notch.


To avoid further violations, all deadlines must be met. Remember the weeks 1-13 deadline has been voided or nulled. It is no mas. 


Weeks 1-14 will be Tuesday Nov. 19 by 11:59pm eastern.


Then the final deadline will be :

Regular Season Deadline Friday night November 29 (BLACK FRIDAY) by 11:59pm eastern savings time




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Games that missed the deadline


Week 12


@discdolo GIANTS1 vs @MattyD COLTS1 (I give reprieve to Matty D who informed me of his absence well before hand)


@tadaos BILLS1 vs @Swamp Chicken STEELERS1  Game was played Nov. 22


Week 13 


Technically @tecmobo BEARS1  vs @stalltalk PACKERS1  missed it by less than an hour. I won't hold this against them, they got the game in that night. No penalty for this one


@discdolo GIANTS1  vs @drake RAVENS1  Game played on  Nov. 24


@purplehazeOILERS1  vs @MattyD COLTS1  Game played on Nov. 24



Week 14



@tadaos BILLS1  vs @MattyD COLTS1  Unplayed as of this post (11/25)

ABOVE GAMES were ones that miss/ed deadline for weeks 1-14



Week 15  


Bills vs Patriots

Oilers vs Texans


Week 16


Steelers vs Titans

Falcons vs Broncos

Packers vs Texans

Raiders vs Buccaneers








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