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(NES) Bruddog's TSB2020 super hacks


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Bruddog's TSB2020 super hacks

This is my TSB2020 super hack version. This is based on my 2008 rom with custom plays. This is intended for a man vs man setting as some plays will cause the game to freeze in man vs com. 



1. 2pt conversion

2. Custom defenses (you choose a defense instead of trying to pick a play)

  • goaline run D
  • 4-4 run d
  • 4-3 run d
  • 3-4 run D
  • blitz pass D
  • 4-3 pass D (best for spying QB)
  • 3-4 pass D (ilb plays deep)
  • dime ( double cover wr's) 

3. Over 40 new plays like RB screen, WR screen, useable flea flickers 

4. Switch sides at the end of each quarter

5. Moving grapples


USER MOVES (if turned on) 

1. Spin move- press" B" to attempt a spin move.  You can fall, spin thru the defender or spin into the defender) 

2. Attempt user popcorn (hold "A"  to attempt a man popcorn works better with high hp players

3. Jump for pass. PRess "A" button to attempt to jump and block a pass


NEW MOVES (can use always) 

1.  Press "B" to move QB into shotgun

2.  Press "SELECT" to down the ball

3.  Press "START"  to attempt to throw the ball away OOB

4. Tap B to throw a lob pass 

5. hold B to throw a pass at the QB's normal passing speed



1. Angled punts

2. Possible to block punt

3. possible to shank puint

4. Fast int returns (easy to take to the house)

5. Speedy QB feet on dropbacks

6. Crowd is home team color 


Probably others I'm forgetting. 


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Bruddogg I just found and downloaded this file. You did an awesome job with it, especially love the 2 pt conversion. Too bad about the crashes though. Man VS Com is the only way that I play and I crashed about halfway through the first quarter. You planning on creating a future release that will play smoother Man VS Com?

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this is a blast.. love trying to guess what offence to pick against certain defenses.. great use of movement before snap... did crash once while playing man vs man after a touch down... aside from that amazing work, great plays,  It did feel that is is a harder for weaker teams although I still have a steep learning curve to figure all the extra options.. controlling the jump ability is nice thanks bruddog

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I love Vancouver.  (haven't been there since ~2005.)


And, this -

9 hours ago, kidlavington said:

Been playing this a lot lately.. the scores and situations are so realistic. Great game play and 2 point conversion options adds a lot. Thank you again for this


(also - random trivia - my middle name is kilvington)

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