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Sim distribution

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Below is an example of a sim distribution hack for the passing game. What I am wondering is instead of changing the values is there a way to change the order the computer checks to see who to throw to. Right now it is set to RB1, RB2, WR1, WR2, TE1. I would like to change it to WR1, WR2, TE1, RB2, RB1. Has anyone tried this?



If you gave RB1 and RB2 target chance ratings of 15 or 0F in hex. WR1, WR2 and the TE would never get targeted. This is because a target rating of 15 corresponds to a value of 128 decmail  in the target chance lookup table. So 128+128 = 256 . It is only comparing the target chance to the random value and then subtracting that amount.


If the random value was 255. 128 is less than 255. It would increment the target index and subtract 128 from the random value and use this value as the new value to compare to. This 
means the next time through 128 would equal RB2s target chance and it wouldn't matter what WR1, WR2, and the TE's target chances are. 


There is a better way to fix this but this is a quick and dirty fix to get general pass distributions per team. It is a cumulative percentage table


RB1 10%,        TABLE VALUE $19   (256 *10% = 25. Converted to hex = $19)

RB2 10%         TABLE VALUE $32   (256 *10% = 25. Converted to hex = $19 + previous table value $19 = $3A)

WR1 30%        TABLE VALUE $7F    (256 *30% = 77. Converted to hex = $4d + previous table value $19 = $7F)

WR2 30%        TABLE VALUE $CC    (256 *30% = 77. Converted to hex = $4d + previous table value $19 = $CC)

TE     20%        TABLE VALUE $FF    (no need to calculate it is the remaining percentage always leave at FF)


These values are duplicated for the p2 side the way the target roster ids are stored in an array. 



SET(0x175a9, 0xA53DDD80BA9013E888D0F7)



SET(0x19B90, 0x19327FCCFF19327FCCFF)



This should work on any rom but double check the 19B90 location in case there is a hack there. It should be FF's


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