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Tecmo Rose Bowl/NCAAF Games

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'Afternoon All,


I'm just looking for opinions/suggestions/recommendations regarding Tecmo Rose Bowl and the other Tecmo NCAAF games out there...which is the best and why?


I'm about to comb through a bunch of 'em and perhaps do a traditional MvG Challenge v. one of them during the actual college football season.  The only one that I've ever played at any length is Tecmo Rose Bowl 2002 (maybe the first NCAAF Tecmo game ever made/hacked?  It's the first/only one I remember seeing).  I'm not a fan of the fonts, but it plays pretty well.


I'm interested to see what you guys have to say about these.  Thank you in advance.


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Thanks for the plug SBlueman. I’m working on an All-time college football game (for instance, USC will have Reggie Bush, OJ Simpson and Marcus Allen at RB.....while UF will have Tebow and Wuerffel at QB).  


I’m sure I’ll catch a lot of grief for the player selections , but stirring the pot is always fun.


I’ll let y’all know when it’s done.

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