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WTF 1995 Season Deadlines and Back Games

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Week 16 should be released tomorrow August 22, and the Season Deadline will be the night of September 1st (10 days after Week 16 release).


Here are the current back games.


Week 5

@Nos Saints vs @johny_mx Dolphins


Week 9

Saints vs @cubsfan5150 Redskins

@purplehaze Oilers vs @discdolo Giants

@Speed Racer Buccaneers vs Dolphins


Week 11

@Thrash Raiders vs @gonickmontana Broncos


Week 12

@tecmobo Bears vs Redskins


Week 13

Bears vs Broncos

Raiders vs @DT. Seahawks


Week 14

@BigFatPaulie Browns vs @Jpthebowler Titans

Giants vs Buccaneers

Saints vs Broncos

@Swamp Chicken Steelers vs Oilers


Week 15

Seahawks vs Buccaneers

Patriots vs Raiders

Bears vs Panthers

Packers vs Broncos

Dolphins vs Browns

Jaguars vs Bills

Oilers vs Falcons

Redskins vs Titans


Week 16 (not yet released)

Raiders vs Giants

Buccaneers vs Titans

Falcons vs Browns

Redskins vs Cowboys

Packers vs Ravens

Jaguars vs Bears

Bills vs Broncos

Panthers vs 49ers

Saints vs Colts

Seahawks vs Dolphins

Patriots vs Oilers

Texans vs Steelers



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