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Las Vegas, NV - 8/31/19 - Retro Sports Tournament Night

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GWESports inside of GameWorks Las Vegas is proud to bring your our Retro Sports Tournament Night!! We're taking it back to the old school with some Retro Classics! Are you ready to throw it back and show you've still got it! Then come on out and take your shot!

Registration time: 4pm
Tournament start time: 5pm

Venue Fee: $5
Tournament Entry: $5 (Per game, must be CASH)

-Tecmo Bowl 2019 Singles
Overtime On
Single Elimination
*No Pro-Bowl Teams. This will be played with updated TecmoBowl.org rosters and will follow the TecmoBowl.org Rule Set.
**In the event of a Tie, standard Tecmo Bowl OT Rules will be in effect. (Sudden Death, First To Score)

- NBA Jam Tournament Edition Singles

Head to Head

Timer Speed: 4

Drone Difficulty: 3

Tag Mode: Off

Computer Assistance: Off

Tournament Mode: On

Special characters and All-Star teams are banned
Single Elimination

- Windjammers (aka Flying Power Disc) Singles

2/3 matches

99 sec, 12 points, 2 rounds

Random stage for the first game

Loser can counter pick character and stage

No character counter pick for the winner

Single Elimination

We will attempt to have the stream available for at least one of the games being played. Stay tuned for more information!


**Retro controllers will be provided. However, players are encouraged to bring their own if they feel more comfortable in doing so. No extra charge to use the controllers provided.


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