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Make WTF TBORG Again!

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Dear WTF

I’ve been meaning to share this kind of an address to the league since I got back home almost a week ago, but then life comes at you fast. So here goes. Better late than never right?


I have a multitiered approach to my new declaration. MAKE WTF TBORG AGAIN!


TBORG aka Tecmobowl.org houses the kind of content and organization that can greatly improve the experience the World Tecmo Federation provides its members. The big idea is to get good content to our members (current, former and potentially future) that is more easily accessible than on discord and holds up better for posteriors. Err,posterity.


So, in order to incentivize the use of TBorg, I will put forward 2 chances for WTF members to improve their rosters through posting content on TBorg. The 2 ways to improve your team will be through posts of game recaps and then posts of any other content covering the league, such as season previews, reviews, divisional or even individual team preview/reviews, predictions, draft recaps, mock drafts, ideas to vote on to improve the league and rationales for and against, or any other non recap post that provides the World Tecmo Federation. If you can incorporate video of your pets you get bonus points (not really).

So how can you earn notches of attributes for your team you ask?

At the conclusion of the regular season, I will take the top 5 TBORG recappers and do a dice roll to see who gets the attribute gain. The attribute gain will be applicable to ANY defensive player that played the previous season and DID NOT get a gain. The  recaps must have some semblance of telling the story of the game beyond what the actual stat recap page can tell. And it can’t just be a video of the game, you gotta write what happened. Basically, tell what happened. Doesn’t have to be a Kamp novel. It DOES have to tell what happened in the game. If there are 5 guys who posted 16 recaps that pass the Kamp sniff test, those 5 will each get a 20 percent chance in one roll of a 100 sided die. If there are more than 5 that post all 16, I will devise a system or vote to narrow it down to 5. If the top 5 owners posting recaps all have different recap post totals, then the odds in the random roll will be staggered like 22, 21, 20, 19 and 18 in a roll of a 100 sided die.


As for the non recap posts, the prize will be a one notch bump in any attribute for an offensive player that did NOT get a gain the previous season. The cutoff date for this will be when I flip the WTFPhile to the next season, thus it can include any of the suggestions I included. Top 5 posters will be staggered in terms of Kamp’s CRYteria. Basically, the number of posts, and if there are any ties, I will break them, Ivan Drago style. Values will be the same as the recap roll values. A 100 sided die will be rolled, 1-22 would go to top poster, 23 – 43 (21%) would go to 2nd place poster, 44 – 63 (20%) would go to 3rd, 64 – 82 (19%) would go to 4th place poster, and the 5th place poster would get the hit if it rolled 83-100 (18%).


I am ineligible for any of these gain roll hits, but I shall be posting.

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