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Pi and netplay


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So I'm using retro pi and netplay to play with a friend.  Can't seem to figure out how to switch p1 and p2 without changing who's hosting.  Any suggestions?  Not sure if this can be done on the pi or not.

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Thanks bruddog.


I asked in the retro pi forums, but no response.  I found something after several hours.  There appears to be a hotkey called "netplay flip users".  I suspect that's it, but can't find anything that outlines the details. I'm going to try and test soon.  If I figure it out I'll post it here.



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It looks like in the config file maybe the "i" key will flip the users.




Found this on the nhl94 forums:


"One great thing about RetroArch is you can "hot swap" home and away.  As long as the guy hosting is using Direct Connection.  You can even do it mid-game or whenevs.  This is super handy.

To start, let's say both guys are connected.  The host  will be home, since he connected first.  If you need to change that, do this:

1. the host hits "i" to leave (right from ROM menu or wherever, it will not reset anything)
2. the other guys hits "i" to leave, then "i" again to reconnect (he will be home now, because he is "first" to connect)
3. the original host now hits "i" to re-connect, but because he is 2nd to connect now, he will be visitor"

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Works great.  Very smooth and if you play with the same host every time it's really easy.


If switching hosts a lot it could be a bit clunky imo.


The instructions above work, except you need to press the hotkey + i.  Everything else is the same.

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On 7/12/2019 at 4:45 PM, bruddog said:

How far away is the person you are playing on netplay @tylpl

Sorry missed this.   Midwest to southeast, so about 700 miles right now.  Was playing from about 1000 miles away.


Honestly works better than the computer option.  

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