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Hall of Fame 1994 Candidates

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Reminder of the Criteria:


The WTF Hall of Fame will ran by the HOF Committee.  The Committee will consist of the HOF Commissioner (myself) and 5 committee members.  The introductory committee will consist of Drake, Kamp, Stalltalk, Arncoem, and Bo.  The Commissioner will nominate all eligible players and the committee will vote.  Only the Committee members can vote, but all league owners can respond and discuss in the voting forum.


Guidelines for Eligibility:

A player will require 66% of the vote to become a hall member.

The player has to have played at least 5 seasons.

The player has to have retired at least 3 seasons ago.

A player can only be eligible a maximum of three different times.  If they don't accumulate enough votes three times, they can no longer be eligible in the future.

There will be a maximum of 5 eligible players allowed for nomination per year.  There will be no minimum.

Owners are eligible to join the HOF, but must have played at least 10 seasons or impacted the league dramatically (ie, Brooks-wtfphile)


1994 Hall of Fame Candidates


Warren Moon, QB  http://www.wtf2.puretecmo.com/main/player_hist.php?pID=1727


After briefly playing and dominating in the Canadian Football League, Warren Moon was given a chance to show off his arm with the Washington Redskins in the WTF.  Due to his late start in the league, Moon only played seven seasons.  But in those seven seasons he averaged 34 touchdown passes and 3,100 yards per season.  He was a 3 time All-Pro, 4 time Pro-Bowler, and the 1986 Offensive MVP.  Warren Moon was 7th all time in passing yards and 8th in td's, again in a shortened career.  Moon also owns 2 of the 3 top seasons for passing yardage, 3rd most completions in a season, and finished with a career passer rating of 115.0.


Andre Tippett, LB  http://www.wtf2.puretecmo.com/main/player_hist.php?pID=1395


Andre Tippett was a mainstay on the Bengals teams for years.  He was an early draft pick and delivered right away.  He had double digit sacks his first six seasons and leaves WTF as one of the most celebrated LB's in his day.  Tippett was a 4 time All-Pro, 6 time Pro-Bowler, and the 1983 Defensive MVP.  When he retired he was 2nd all time in sacks, 2nd all time in tackles, he owns the single game record for sacks with 9, 2 of the top 3 single game tackle records, and shares the single season record for tackles.


Roland James, DB  http://www.wtf2.puretecmo.com/main/player_hist.php?pID=895


Roland James not only played a dozen seasons but played them all with one team, the Kansas City Chiefs.  Under Chief Jr's tutelage James went on to be a 4 time All-Pro, 6 time Pro-Bowler, and 2 time Super Bowl Champion.  James is 5th all time in interceptions, 1st in tackles by a db, tied for 1st with 5 interceptions in a single game, and tied for most db return td's.  James started to fade during his final years but was still a solid contributor to the Chiefs team.


Ottis Anderson, RB  http://www.wtf2.puretecmo.com/main/player_hist.php?pID=179


Another HOF candidate who played twelve seasons with the same team.  Ottis Anderson may be the best running back to ever play in the World Tecmo Federation.  He was a dominant duel threat out of the backfield for the Eagles.  He is an 8 time All-Pro, 11 time Pro-Bowler, and 1985 Super Bowl Champion.  He is 1st all time in rushing yards, 1st all time in rushing td's, 2nd all time in rb receptions and yards, and 1st all time in receiving and total td's.  Anderson owns the no.2 spot for rushing td's in a game with six, and finished his career with a 9.3 ypc.


Darrin Nelson, RB  http://www.wtf2.puretecmo.com/main/player_hist.php?pID=1294


Another multi-faceted RB, Darrin Nelson was an elite runner and pass catcher for the Giants and Dolphins franchises.  Nelson is a 2 time All-Pro, 4 time Pro-Bowler, 1984 Super Bowl Champion, and had 8 consecutive years of over 1,000 yards rushing and 7 straight years of 30+ receptions.  Darrin Nelson is 8th all time in rushing yards, 4th in rushing td's, 1st in rb receptions, 1st in receiving yards, and 5th in receiving td's.  He owns the 3rd most rushing td's in a season with 31 and finishes his career with a 9.0 ypc.






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Warren Moon: It's close, but I give him the nod.  Very consistent numbers throughout his entire career.  Shorter career, but still tops in many categories. A bit of a gunslinger when mr.tsb had him but impressive stats and a player who's worthy imo.  YES


Andre Tippett: 2nd in sacks and tackles, defensive mvp, consistent pro-bowler. Hard to keep him out with that resume.  YES


Roland James: On the fence here.  His overall numbers, accolades, and 2x sb champion seem to me that he should get in.  I just don't feel like he ever dominated though, as he had a few very avg seasons, and never had more than 12 ints in a season.   NO


Ottis Anderson: 1st in career rushing yards, by a lot.   YES


Darrin Nelson: He may not have all the pro-bowls as some other candidates but he was just as valuable.  Not only does he hold most rb receiving records, but is also top 10 in rushing yards and top 5 in rushing td's.   YES

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Warren Moon, QB  

Good numbers, but with the line he rolled, they probably should have been even more impressive. Short career doesn't help. NO



Andre Tippett, LB 

Big sack and tackle numbers, and the higher int rating pumped up the picks also. Beast. YES


Roland James, DB  

2 rings and a great first 9 year run? Definitely worthy of first DB induction, even if neglected his last several seasons. YES


Ottis Anderson, RB 

Not much to say here, it's a shoe in. YES


Darrin Nelson, RB

Outstanding numbers but one rb this class is enough. Bring him back for another vote. NO

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Posted (edited)

QB Warren Moon: I’m going w Moon as not in as his first couple of season were w/ MRTECMOSUPERBOWL & Moon was back and b - he never did any damage in the playoffs & outside of his 1 dominant season he was behind Marino, Dave Krieg, & Harbaugh.  He also came in the league at 75pc - the only QB ever to be 75pc- and retired at 69pc so he didn’t have longevity or a battle after aged.  - as close as i could be to a yes vote but going w/ NO 


LB Andre Tipett - I had to play vs him & the Bengals every season 2x, from baxter then to Madtown it was a bitch knowing Tippett was going to be there w/ either pressure on the QB or able to intercept me w his elevated LB int rating.  Total beast, vote yes 


DB Roland James - didn’t have the dominant season(s) that Hof player should have.  Extremely valuable player & team mvp easily - can see his number retired by his team & a fan favorite for 30 years after retirement but missing that key 15+ int season as well as only had 2 seasons in a row w double digit ints.  Missing that 6 straight 10 or more ints.  Instead he had 6, 11, 11,  6, 12, 5 per season during the prime of his career.  A great player & winner on the field - just not HOF.  - NO 


RB Otis anderson- another player I had to face 2x a season for many seasons.  I sat back and watched him first chase, the catch-up to, then annihilate Chuck Muncie’s  RB short lived RB records.  Easiest vote so far - yes 


RB Darin Nelson - tough to say no but he had only 2 All Pro seasons & even though he caught a shitload of balls out of the backfield he still comes in 8,000 yards rushing less than Otis A & even below Hershel Walker who never made it to 63ms where Nelson did most of his damage.  Only 1 season above 2,000 yards rushing - which 2,000 yards needs to be either flirted w or gone over if you want to be HoF worthy (if 56-63ms for majority of career). - NO  

Edited by arncoem

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Warren Moon, QB -  Had a great career, but he does not get my vote in his first year of eligibility.  The fact that his career was short and his interception count is a big factor for me. How do you throw 19 INTS at 75 PC then 21 INTs at 69?  That's a NO.


Andre Tippett, LB -  An absolute beast at linebacker, 111 sacks. YES.


Roland James, DB - Roland is a yes for me. For nine straight seasons, he was it in Kansas City. 80+ tackles in 7 of those seasons, top 5 in INTS all time. Two rings and a four-time All-Pro. YES.


Ottis Anderson, RB -  Just look at his player page: his accolades stretch on for days! YES.


Darrin Nelson, RB -  Tough one, but looking at the current list of RBs currently in the hall - Nelson belongs. Was a huge game breaker for the Giants in the passing and rushing game. Not to mention he had 8!!! touchdowns in the Giants' superbowl run. YES

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I'm sorry don't have a ton of time to write about this. But I have been looking and thinking on this since the nominees were posted.


Warren Moon, QB  - Short bright career. Not enough for this rodeo. That's a NO


Andre Tippett, LB - THE monster LB of the early history of this league. not one but two 21 sack seasons. YES YES YES



Roland James, DB  - This one was the toughest I decision I had. The fact that he anchored ChiefsJr's stellar teams' defense over that span and won that first ring for him. YES



Ottis Anderson, RB  - Easiest decision ever. What a career for OJ Anderson. YAS



Darrin Nelson, RB - Have gone back and forth on this. Adding in his receiving stats over his Giants years, his winning the Super Bowl (and 8 TDs in the run for it, so an integral part obviously, but he delivered). Gotta go with... YES


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36 minutes ago, oklahoma said:

Otis Anderson goes in alone in 95.


Are you saying, you are only voting for Anderson and not even Tippett?


Regardless, Andre Tippett and Ottis Anderson are your 1994 HOF class, congrats.

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