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1994 OL Gain offseason tourney (MS & HP for 1st)

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Round 1


1) Seattle (Seattle +7)

14) MIA


2) Cleveland (Cleveland +28)

13) CIN


3) TB

12) OAK (Oakland +3)


4) Dallas (Dallas +3)

11) NYJ


5) NE   (New England + 35)

10) RAMS


6) CHI (Chicago +1)

9) PHX


7) BUF (Buffalo +3)

8 ) NO




1) SEA

7) BUF


2) CLE

6) CHI (CHICAGO 22-7)


3) OAK (OAKLAND 21-14) 

4) DAL 


5) NE - BYE 



3rd Round / semi finals: 




CHICAGO (home) 



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Post winner / score of game here please: 


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#4 Dallas Cowboys 17

#11 NY Jets 14.

Game started well for the Cowboys. QB Richardson was put in for Dil-fer and got JJ picked by Kevin Smith on a picked play after a couple of first downs on the ground. Cowboys drove the ball down and scored TD, 7-0. Jets threw on a picked play again, and it was an overthrow and picked off by Darren Woodson. Dallas drove down to the 3 but needed to kick FG before time ran out in 1st half, 10-0 Dallas at the half.


Dallas gets the ball and drives down. Trent Green pulled an idiot QB move, threw it toward the end zone and the WR JJ whiffed at the goal line and the pair of DBs in the back of the end zone came away with the INT. One CC bomb to Flipper later and it's 10-7 just like that.


Dallas gets ball and drives down and Trent Green runs it in with about 3 min left? 17-7 Dallas.


One Flipper CC Bomb later it's 17-14. Onsides by the Jets is recovered by Dallas and Cowboys run out the last 2min of game to hold on.


GG FightMack. GLRW


Final Dallas 17 - Jets 14

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Patriots w/ the +35 win in lead for 2nd round bye. 


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OAK 21

DAL 14


Early drive by OAK stalls at the 1. 4th down attempt get stuffed, but fumble gets picked up by OL and scored to make the game 7-0. OAK defense gets some turnovers in the first half, and put up 21 by the 3rd quarter, with DAL getting blanked. Thennnnn, things turn around for Dal. A jj Td, fumble for Oak, another JJ TD, and whadyya know Oak has the ball up a score needing to milk the clock. Fortunately for myself, (and not Kamp), Oak was able to take the air out of the ball and escape with a 21-14 victory. 

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Saints 28

Bills 31


Back and forth affair as neither team could get defensive stops.  14 all at half Bills receive, drive, score.  Saints march and score to tie it up early 4th.  Bills drive stalls at the 20 and forced to kick a fg to go up 24-21 with 3 min to go.  Saints fumble KR and Bills recover.  O'Donnell hits the TE in the end zone 31-21.  After accidental onsides (tried to kick deep to kill clock) Saints drive and the Bus will not be denied for 3 point game. Onsides fails, returner runs backward to kill time and Bills punt to victory.  GG gonick!



1994_week_1_GIA.__CIN..ns1 WTF2_1994_OLtourney_tadaos_vs_gonick.nsv

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