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1994 MVP Vpting


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  1. 1. Offense

    • QB Dan Marino: 3,205 yards w/ 44tds & 7ints: 68% completion percentage
    • QB Vinny Testeverde: 2,534 yards w/ 33tds & 2tds: 78% completion percentage
    • RB Bo Jackson: 2,113 yards rushing w/ 31tds + 17 recs for 274 yards
    • WR Time Brown: 49 recs for 2,501 yards & 29tds
  2. 2. Defense

    • DL Keith Millard: 13 sacks w/ 30 tackles
    • LB Darion Conner: 13 sacks w/ 48 tackles
    • DB Lonnie Young: 12 interceptions - 2 sacks w/ 79 tackles

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After looking over each week to week set of individual player stats, I was left wanting to watch, nay STREAM, the season that Vinny Testaverde had, it was that inspiring. Granted he has Emmitt for defenses to focus on, but I thought he'd be way better than 13ms 63ps 56pc. Dolo man. He can do so much with crap QBs, this is what he can do with a good (not GREAT) QB. 


RIP Marino, great career

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With 7 votes not in yet Lonnie Young has locked up the D MVP, his first of illustrious career.  


currently Lonnie has 11 

& Millard w/ 4 & 7 votes left but Young holds the tie break w/ his team better record & LY has more tackles (or 1 of 7 remaining vote as well as LB Darion C receiving a vote) 


Lonnie has been the interception leader 5x in his career but snubbed of the D MVP until this season. 


Young is now 4th in the all time Ints list after 10 seasons 

while Vann McElroy will Be entering his 14th next season. 

Albert Lewis played 11 &

Eric Wright had 13 seasons.  


Top 10 all time INTs 


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Posted (edited)

The offensive MVP is still up for grabs w/ the tightest race we’ve ever had as multiple players are still in the race making all of the 5 votes remaining enormous in value to each candidate:


In what ended up being Dan Marino's final season he went all out to win an unprecedented 5th straight MVP & 6 in 7 seasons!


Will there be another WTF QB to put up numbers Marino has? It will take Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Drew Brees or a surprise career from Phillip Rivers/Big Ben R./ Aaron Rodgers - matched w/ the right owner to entertain the thought-


Marino is the WTF's leader in: attempts (2,575), completions (1,383), yards(32,144), & touchdown passes (425).

This season DM followed up on his Pro Bowl, All Pro, MVP, & Super Bowl Championship season w/ personal best regular season ever:

Attempts (242), completions (165), passing yards (3,205),  rushing yards (152), NFL passer rating (138.5) & 2nd most TDS thrown in a season w/ 44 (he had 46 last season but w/ less yards, completions, yards rushing,  & rating)


Vinny T and his and his precise 78 % completions w/ 33 tds - 2 ints & 153.4 passer rating could  get his first MVP - if his yards were closer to 3,000 than 2,500  & TDs closer to Marino’s 44 it would be a runaway for Vinny T ! Even with those factors his season is one of if not the best ever.  


Vinny's 700 yards & 11 TDs less will be weighed heavily vs Marino's 5 more ints thrown than Testeverde's 2- that's probably what voters will look at & weigh in comparison when choosing their MVP.

Hard for Marino not to repeat in his final season w/ stats better than his previous 4 seasons that he won the MVP - and equally as hard not for Vinny T to be awarded his first MVP w/ a 78% completions & 153.4 passer rating.



Bo Jackson also in search of his first MVP had only 2,100 yard rushing which there’s been many seasons of RBs w a lot more that has but his all around play & just his presence on the field demands Defenses to focus on him which opens up the air attack - making him valuable even when not touching the ball. 

Bo's  31 rushing TDS w/  17 receptions for 274 yards a along w his team having best record in league fuel his MVP caliber season.  



WR Tim Brown of GB had a monster season leading his team to the playoffs & surprising the WR race that he beat out Flipper Andersen & Sam Graddy- the top 2 WRs past 8 seasons.   Brown probably won’t win the MVP but getting votes have solidified his amazing success as going into the season knew Marino, Vinny T, and Bo Jackson would be on the ballot for MVP while Tim Brown would've been predicted to barely crack the top 5 for WRs & be somewhere around 3-5th place for yards, receptions, TDs (3rd for receptions 49, 1st for yards 2,500, &1st for TDs 29) 


When take into consideration that Brown was working w/ QB Doug Pederson & his below average 44PC it is evident that the veteran WR had not only the biggest surprise 16 games but also the most dominant season out of all of the candidates! 

Edited by arncoem

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Closest mvp race in history of the league! 

7 bo Jackson 

6 Dan marino 

6 Vinny Testeverde

5 Tim Brown 


Bo wins his first ever MVP!


while on the defensive side Lonnie Young took home his 1st MVP in similar fashion to Bo jackson - deserving of 2-3 previous seasons but taking it home this season finally 

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