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Tecmo Salary Game and Fantasy Draft (Automated)

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Last year, I hosted my first Tecmo Super Bowl tournament. But I went a step further, we did a fantasy draft. You want to play with QB Browns but throw to a real WR? Go for it. You want to put Ronnie Lott at LB? Go for it. The tournament went great, but it was a ton of manual work. So I went to work to automate the process as much as possible.


Shout out to TecmoGeek and HSTL.


First, we have the fantasy draft template (Draft Template).

Nice and easy, pick QB Browns, slot em at QB1 and the sheet does the rest even down to writing the Rom. Just copy and paste column B from the rom sheet and call it a day. The only thing to set up is which team you're taking over. You input your name in the first column of the rom and it will search for your team. Any blank spots on the roster are filled with the default players. Right now, there's a google form for playbook purposes, but I'm working on making that more automated. Otherwise, that's it. Happy drafting. Hope it works out for someone, glad to help out if you find something that's broken or could be better. OL is set up to put your fastest guy at LT. Drafted players will be automatically crossed out as you go.


Second, and I might like this one more... Tecmo Salary Game

I was having trouble getting guys to sit down for a draft so I implemented a salary cap system. You get $1,400. Take whoever you want. If you want Bo, Jerry, and QB Eagles, you can do it. I'm still balancing the salaries and teams, but it works. The idea is you make a bunch of copies, send it to your buds, they fill it out and send it back. So, unfortunately, it needs to be a 2-step process because you need to copy and paste the players into the draft sheet once everyone is finished. Works the same as the fantasy draft. The rom will automatically populate.



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Dude, this is what we do in CFT! Do you play on computers to emulate or are you playing these on console using a flash cart?


Here is our website http://www.pnw.puretecmo.com/main/main.php


This season's TBorg thread is here 



Our draft incorporates a salary cap as well, although we draft tandems of players not individual ones. 

Here is this season's draft sheet. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1J23lXBqI4kAKz9IPuaVqTBI3VNT2FB_lkgL6loWI2yc/edit?usp=sharing


So where do you live that this is happening? 

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Posted (edited)

Woah, your draft takes it to the next level. The salary for mine makes is so everyone could theoretically have the same players. Yours is like fantasy football with players salaries, always wanted to do one of those. Then I looked at the website. This is more like a full Madden coop franchise.


We're in Buffalo, NY. I recently got into Raspberry Pi so that's how we play. Never played online.


That reminds me, should've included our draft sheet. 2018 Tecmo Draft

- 4/12 of the managers are kids, starting em early

- 2/12 owners were late on picks so they're teams are bad (Garrett

- Bear, Chris (me), Alex, and Tony are pretty good

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